Fabric- I haz it!

Backbone, I haz it not!

I went up to London yesterday to have lunch with my best friend, and the thought  sidled its way into my head that I could go up early and do some fabric shopping. I opted for a visit to Goldhawk Road, as it looked like there would  be lots of choice. I’d done my Google Street View research and the fabric shops there are wall to wall.

So I set off, with a clear plan of buying enough material for two dresses, and possibly some for a skirt. I only had a very limited time available for shopping, on account of not getting to Waterloo till 10.45, the tube ride out to Shepherds Bush being a good 40 minutes, and having to meet the best friend back at the South Bank for 1am. But I can do speed shopping…  I came away with enough for four dresses and definitely a skirt! As it is, I only did one side of the road, and the north face of the Goldhawk is going to have to wait for another occasion.

I have now added a ridonkulous amount of fabric to my dressmaking stash (and I’m very conscious that I’m attempting to detract from my stash-building tendency by separating it into Costume Stash and Dressmaking Stash). There are two beautiful big prints, in a thick cotton (sateen?) with a slight stretch to it, a geometric print in a thick cotton canvas, a lightweight floral print cotton and an irresistible pink based denim.

Goldhawk Road Haul

The plans are currently that the big prints and the geometric canvas are definitely going to be for summer dresses, the lightweight cotton probably also a summer dress (or possibly a skirt and top combo), and the denim a skirt.

I’ve just made a (very disciplined!) trip to Fabricland to get zips, thread and interfacing. So it’s all systems go.

I’m definitely going about this all the wrong way. I should really be looking at my existing wardrobe and seeing the deficiencies therein, and trying to make garments that would fill said deficiencies, so that I could be all co-ordinated and capsule wardrobe-ish. I should also be assessing what fabric I’ve already got and how far it might be suited to the making of everyday clothing. And I will do all that, sometime. But oh no! I had to go barging in and buying fabric just because it’s pretty!

And the terrible terrible thing is that on Monday, I’ll be going up to the V&A for a lecture in the evening, and it’s just a skip and a hop away from Shepherd’s Bush, as the tube travels, so I can see myself going up early, and doing an afternoon of shopping, especially to see what the north side of the road has to offer.


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