I’ve done it!

At least I’ve half done it… I’ve actually done some sewing, though I’ve not yet completed a garment.

Having been disappointed about the Lisette Diplomat Dress pattern, I wanted to start something that I could be more sure of. I started by pulling out my pink-based denim, and seeing if I could start on a nice straight skirt- you can’t go wrong, stylistically, with a straight skirt. It’s a no-brainer.

That will be fairly easy, I thought. And I carried on thinking that while I made a copy of the pattern pieces. And then, when I came to see how I was going to have to adapt it, I broke my brain trying to work out how I was going to get that pattern to fit me. I will not be defeated by mere numbers. For heavens’ sake, I used to cobble pencil skirts together out of a metre of fabric when I was a teenager. How can it be such a daunting task now? Well, I know how- getting fatter, and having weird shapes to accommodate these days is how. But thinking that all through will be a task for the next couple of days.

So, I thought, what pattern is EVEN simpler than a straight skirt? And I remembered that I’d downloaded the Sorbetto top pattern from Colette Patterns. Every single sewer/sewist/seamstress (I haven’t yet decided which term I’m going to use, though I’m slightly favouring seamster) online has made it, and can turn one out in no time flat. I looked at the instructions, printed that baby off, and got sellotaping.

I used the black/pink/turquoise floral stuff I got last week. This was going to be a bit of an experiment but I figured I’ve got 3 metres of it, there’s still going to be enough for doing something else with it. And it’s my perfect colours.

I had to add some width to the pattern to accommodate my chest, and even so, it’s rather snug. I’ve also had to put in another dart, because there was too much flappage just by the armpit. In turn, that’s meant trimming the lower part of the arm hole so that it’s still curved rather than squared off where the dart is.  That makes the armhole a bit lower than I’d prefer. But I’ve adapted the paper pattern now, so that next time (and there *will* be a next time), I have all those tweaks built in from the outset. I made it all neat and tidy with French seams at the shoulders and sides. I managed to do the front pleat wrong, through not paying proper attention, but it was no big deal to unpick it & do it right. And I won’t make that mistake again!

I’ve done everything except adding the bias binding, and hemming it. I’ve got some black satin bias binding in my stash, and I might as well use it. But I’ve had a glass of wine now, and I don’t want to risk mucking it up- tomorrow is another day!


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