I finished this on Thursday, but haven’t had internet for a couple of days.


And showing the inside is just as tidy as the outside (you probably can’t see but there’s a nice neat French seam there.


This one has been a nice easy reintroduction to dressmaking. I took my time with it, and made sure I did things properly, which is a good thing for me- normally I’m very impatient and want everything to be done NOW!

It’s taught me how to work with these newfangled downloadable patterns, I felt like a primary school teacher with all that cutting out and sticking together.

It’s given me the opportunity to tinker with a pattern, so that it fits me better. Not all those changes are on this top, but they are now on the pattern for future makes. The changes I’ve made were:

  • making it wider to accommodate my bust better
  • lowering the bust dart
  • adding a new upper bust dart
  • marking the pleat in a way that makes more sense for me.
  • lengthening it, because it only just hits an inch past my natural waistline, which isn’t long enough for me

I think I can get away with these minor tinkerings on the Sorbetto, because it’s so simple. But I may take the opportunity at some future stage, to play around with one of those FBAs that I keep reading so much about. Since I do indeed have a full bust, I think I need to get my head around this sooner rather than later in this adventure.

This top has also made me happy that I *can* do this!


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