Which project next?

I don’t have much sewing time available for the next week- I just got back from a weekend away on Monday night, and I’m off to Belgium for the weekend on Thursday. And today and tomorrow are geared up to getting a week’s worth of stuff done in two days!

So all I can do right now is plan…

I could do another version of the Sorbetto- I want to do a plain black one, with a zebra print bias binding. I’m slightly obsessed with zebra print- it combines my love for black & white with my love for animal print! I don’t have any zebra print in my real life wardrobe, though I’ve tons of it in my costume wardrobe. This would be just a very light touch of zebra, for everyday (as opposed to costume) wear. I’ve got some black fabric in the stash that I could use for it. It’s got a bit of stretch, but I think it would still work. And I want to see whether the adaptations I made to the pattern are effective.

I could start on the straight black/pink denim skirt. I’ve got all the fixings for it, and I think I’ve worked out the adjustments to the pattern. So it should be a fairly easy next-level-up make.

I’ve also got all the doings for a floral print cotton skirt, but that one needs lining, so it’s a bit more sophisticated. But the print is so pretty (I also love florals).

maple leaf floral

But I don’t need to do any deciding just yet, and I can glory in the pleasure of the possibilities all weekend.


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