For a sewing adventure, there’s been remarkably little sewing being done.

After a few weekends of not being at home, for a variety of reasons, all of which were good ideas at the time, I was kind of hoping that me & the Gentleman Friend could have a nice quiet weekend of being together, maybe have a tootle around Wisley Gardens, or something like that, nothing too taxing. But he wanted to go visit his friend in Wales, and seeing as the last few weeks of me not being around were all of my doing, it would have been unfair of me to say no. So instead of having a quiet weekend of being able to get down to that denim skirt, I had another weekend away, one which involved barbeques and a day on the lash… I am glad to report that during the day on the lash, I was *reasonably* sensible, so I was the only one who didn’t wake up on the monday morning with a terrible head. Not that I was being all puritanical or anything, just that I didn’t feel the need to keep up with those who seemed to be on quadruple vodkas, when I was happily enjoying a glass of wine.

I’m hoping tonight will see the last couple of tweaks to the skirt pattern, after I get back from teaching dance classes.

However, in happy sewing news, I wore my Sorbetto top on Friday. It’s definitely a bit on the short side, and a bit on the snug side, so hopefully the next time I make it will be more suited to my figure. In fact, given that I’ve done the pattern re-tweaking already to take those changes into account, I really should have another go with it, to make sure those changes are the right ones.


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