Laurels are abounding

The Colette Laurel Competition is drawing to a close, and I keep seeing cute cute versions popping up all over the place.

Now… I’m jealous as all hell that I don’t suit that style of dress, because I’d love to have a go. But I will content myself with admiring those that I’ve seen.

First off, Scruffy Badger has enough Laurels to constitute a shrubbery. They look amazing on her. And she’s a really cute model!

A Badger with Elephants

Then there’s Sue from Sewin’ Steady, who’s got two of these beauties done. I can’t decide which I prefer, the classic grey linen version or the crazy floral sixties vibe one!

Grey has no business being this much fun!

Then there’s Wonderfully Made‘s two, including this very fab & groovy print one

Is this not the swingingest?

And this is definitely the Awesomest version, a Jurassic Park Laurel from Ginger Makes:


And of course, there’s the Colette Laurel Contest, where you can vote for your Readers’ Choice favourite (it’s tough! So many excellent versions). Go vote!


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