I tried my hand at a little bit of bookbinding today, and made a beautiful little notebook.

I was helping out at a Surrey Adult Learning promotional day in Walton-on-Thames, doing a little Bellydance demonstration, and then hanging around in costume being colourful, having my photo taken with the Mayor of Elmbridge, chatting to people about Adult Learning courses available, and where they might be found.

After my allotted time, there was a painting/illustration tutor, who also does bookbinding and she was offering to help people make notebooks. So I was a very willing volunteer. I once tried to make a notebook for the Gentleman Friend, based on no knowledge whatsoever (it was received in the spirit of a parent having to eat the rather grubby grey jam tart that their four year old child has cooked them, with indulgence and kindness), and the whole concept of making notebooks out of interesting paper and other materials fascinates me enormously. So I had a go.

Behold my European Map Notebook:

Behold the Euromap Notebook!

It has End Papers!

It has pages and everything!


Obviously, although it was made by my own fair hands, the overwhelming credit has to go to the delightful Sophie Artemis Pitt, who had all the knowhow, and materials- I just followed her excellent instructions.

I’m not sure what I’ll be using it for, because it is quite compact & bijoux. It may possibly end up in either the Bellydance Secret Santa that I’m usually part of each year, or the Spangly White Elephant Exchange that I’m also usually part of, among my imaginary internet bellydancing friends. But deep inside, I want to keep it and use it and when people notice it and say how interesting it is, I can say “Oh this- I made it.”

Now I’m dying to make a whole lot more notebooks! It does have to be mentioned that I can’t resist Stationery- whenever I pass Rymans, or Paperchase, I’m overwhelmed by the urge to buy interesting notebooks, or pens. I know I’m not alone in this obsession. So if I could make my own, it would mean a whole houseful of notebooks!


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