At last…

A few weeks ago, I spent ages tinkering with a skirt pattern, to get it to fit me. It’s nothing amazing or complicated, it’s just a straight skirt, using McCalls 3830, which is pretty much as simple as a straight skirt can possibly get.

McCalls 3830

I made the pattern fit my actual dimensions, with a little bit of ease. I didn’t want it to be a loose straight skirt. I have a rounded bottom, and a poochy belly, but my hips are fairly narrow, so I don’t need quite so much curve from waist to hip.

Tonight I’ve cut out and sewn the skirt, in the black/pink denim, to see whether it works. And I’m happy to report it does! I’m using View C, the slightly below the knee version.

Having mucked around with the basic skirt pattern, tweaking the hip curve, fettling the darts, I wasn’t too sure how I was going to handle altering the facings. I thought I could possibly make this with a waistband, which is how I always used to make straight skirts when I was a teenager, because that would have avoided the whole issue of facings altogether. But once I had the body of the skirt put together, it became clear that I could use *that* to draft the facings, which is what I’ve done, so I don’t need to worry about that in the future, next time I use this pattern.

The skirt is not finished yet. I’ve still got to do all the hand sewing- sorting out the final messing around with the facing, and hemming. But I can get those done tomorrow, I reckon.

I’m definitely going to be using this pattern again- I’m partial to a straight skirt. I feel sure that I can also use this basic skirt shell to convert it into an A-line skirt, if I feel the wish to venture into more flared territory. And I’m wondering if I can do the opposite alteration, narrowing the side seam to make the skirt more “pencil”. Now that I’ve done all the hard work of altering the pattern, I feel like this is an easy option project!


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