Tada! The skirt is finished!

In my last post I was explaining that I’d actually got going with this, and now, happily, it’s all finished.

It looks a bit short in the first photo, because I can’t really do perspective when I take pictures. And it’s draped over the side of my bed. And it’s wide, because I’m a big girl. It’s a respectable just below the knee length.

Black denim skirt

Black denim skirt

Hem, showing how pretty the pink inside is

Hem, showing how pretty the pink inside is

Inside shot

The obligatory just as neat inside shot

And here it is on

I think I’d better establish from the outset, I’m rubbish at selfies.

Things of note:

1) I did a lapped zip, my first one. I’m not 100% happy with it, but I’m not going to beat myself up over this- it’s the first time I’ve done a zip in years.

2) I did the topstitch sewing in bright pink, for fun.

3) I toyed with the idea of doing fun facings, in a different fabric, but I wanted the top of the skirt to be well-structured, so the denim it was.

4) I was good, and finished all the innards. Denim frays like woah!

5) I used up all the denim, no scraps left, so that’s reduced the stash a bit, and makes me feel better.

My favourite thing about this?

Apart from general pride at making a nice skirt? This skirt is *really* comfortable!

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