OMG! The perfect planning tool!

I’ve got to give a big shout out to Zoe of ‘So, Zo… What do you know?’ because I’ve been reading her blog archives and there I found the perfect thing for me- a way to organise my sewing plans… Todobedobedo, an online To Do List. It’s the first time I’ve heard of such a thing, and while I’m sure there are tons of online to do list places, this is the one I’m working with.

I often have lots of plans in my head of things I want to make. I rarely buy fabric with no idea at all of what I could make with it. So I end up with a headful of thoughts, and they end up stressing me. Well… maybe “stressing” is too strong a word, but I always feel easier if I can put those ideas on paper somewhere. So they’re not on actual paper paper, but they’re written down, in a sensible place and organisable.


Screen print – clicky for bigger

So I’ve made a To Do list for the dress that I’m currently working on (I’ve half done the pattern tracing), and a list for each of my ideas for the next three projects after that. In the list, I can add all my random thoughts and ideas, until it becomes more concrete*, and then once I’m actually about to start it, I can chunk down the project into its component elements, and tick each one as it’s done.


* I try not to plan too far ahead, because my plans always tend to be fluid.


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