A hand-made gift

On Friday evening, my sister & niece & I went up to Hertford to have dinner with one of my other sisters (I’ve got three altogether). The occasion was that my aunt, Cecile, was visiting from France (along with *her* sister Ginette & nephew, Philippe, as he was doing all the driving!). It was a very jolly evening with more than a hint of Franglais being spoken- my sisters and I speak good French, but my brother-in-law only has schoolboy French. Neither of the aunts speaks *any* English, though Philippe speaks very good English, so it all worked out perfectly happily.

What I wasn’t expecting was that after dinner Cecile & Ginette brought out a whole load of gifts, mostly hand-made, for us (including the sister who wasn’t there), for us to choose. There were tablecloth & napkin sets, aprons, tote-bags. When it was my turn to choose, I had to pick this bag!

Made by Tante Cecile

Made by Tante Cecile

Made by Cecile herself, I couldn’t resist either the colour (it’s a much brighter turquoise than my camera is showing) or those adorable little danglies! When I looked closely, I realised the dangles were actually an earring!

Yay for hand-made gifts!


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