Work in Progress- a skirt

It was high time I did some more sewing, so last night I measured myself up, and did all the algebraic calculations, involving pi, for making a circle skirt. I wanted it to be knee length, and I was going to use the black and white and red and chartreuse geometric print, which I’d got in my stash. It’s good & wide, I just wasn’t sure if it was 140cm wide, or 150cm wide. If the former, I’d need to do it in two half circles, if the latter, I could manage it in one single circle.

So tonight I took out the fabric to see whether it would work, and as it turns out, once I’d allowed for the print edge finishing, it was about 146cm wide. I could just about wheedle a full circle out of what I’d got, assuming that the white bit at the print edge would be in the hem turn-up, which, although not perfect, is an acceptable imperfection, in my book.

Horror then struck, when I started to inspect the fabric in detail, to see how I was going to cut it. It was an end of roll, and I’d wangled getting the last ½ metre included for the price of the 2 metres I’d actually requested. Turns out it was just as well I got that last freebie extra, because there’s about 1½ metres of flaws down one edge, where the fabric must have got caught up in some sort of cutting mechanism, and there is a series of small slashes which means that edge of the fabric is unusable. Major boo.

Flaws in my fabric- oh noez!

Flaws in my fabric- oh noez!

Still, best foot forward. “Can I still make this work?” I asked myself, and I just about could, again using the “it’ll be part of the hem allowance” justification- there would be two small slashes in the piece I cut, but I could mend them, and they’d be part of the hem turn-up.

So I cut the circle out, and sewed a zip in, tried it on before I did the waistband, and it’s blooming huge! I seem to have lost 3cm of waist measurement overnight! Oh well, again I’m making the best of it I can… I’ve eased the skirt top edge in a bit, and I think it’s going to be right.

I’ve got all the machine work done, and the waistband is all pinned and ready to be hand sewn. (I’m leaving all the hand sewing to do over the next few evenings.) The skirt is hanging now, in case the bias drops. I’m not expecting it to drop massively, as this is a fairly dense cotton, with a small bit of stretch in it, and also it’s not a long skirt, so there’s not too much weight to it. When I made circle skirts for dancing, they’d stretch like whoa, but they were usually in much more loosely woven fabrics and more voluminous. So I’m expecting this to behave in a more civilised way!




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