Starting another straight skirt

… And this time, it’s floral…

I’m using this fabric:

maple leaf floral

It’s 1m of cotton from the C&H Remnants table. Even for a remnant it was a bit blummin’ pricey for 1m of lightweight cotton, but that’s what comes of buying fabric in the town I live in, rather than travelling further afield to where there are fabric bargains to be had.

It’s a fairly short skirt, I’m only using about 65 cm of the metre.

I’m heading into unknown territory and attempting to line it. It’s a thin cotton, and wouldn’t stand up to wearing without some sort of lining! I’m winging it, because I’ve got no actual instructions. What I’m aiming to do is cut the lining and make it up in the same way as the skirt, but then to attach the facing to the top of the lining (cutting away the difference), before sewing the skirt and facing together. If I didn’t need them for typing, I’d have all my fingers crossed!

I’m already trying to work out what tops I’ve got that will go with this mass of colours. Which leads on to thoughts about what I’ve actually got in my wardrobe already, but that’s a whole other post.



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