I thought to myself, I didn’t want the grass to grow under my feet on the Blue Roses Dress, seeing as we’d got so far with it on Sunday, so I took it out this evening, to move it on.

The first thing I did was the front darts, because they were the easiest thing, and I knew I could get them done without any problem. And indeed such was the case. They went in like a dream, and I’m very happy with them.

Next it was the zip. Zips are a thing I need to work on. It’s a lapped zip, and I felt like I knew what I was doing and  felt ok working on this. I was all set for a bit of sewing self-confidence boosting. I did the first side (the one that goes under the lap) and it was all fine. I took it off for a bit of a pressing, to make sure the lap part was well prepared for the trickier (more visible) side. I pinned it. And while it was pinned, I decided to try it on, because that’s the closest it had been to being an actual dress.

The front is excellent, it’s fitting beautifully, I couldn’t be happier with the front.

Beautiful Front

Beautiful Front

But the back- AAAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s massive gaping going on there! It’s a bit tricky photographing the back of my own neck, but you can see here (do excuse the At Home Hair):

Woes!!! Gaping back

Woes!!! Gaping back

I need to take out a good two inches to make it fit. I’ve got two options:

a) I could add more darts. Though it would mean carefully matching darts on the back with darts on the back facing, which is certainly possible, though an extra faff.

Or b) I could undo the back seam, and resew it, and lose the excess width that way.

At the moment I’m favouring b), it would feel neater. The main drawback would be that the seam allowance would be so massive (it was a pretty generous 7/8″ to start off with), and I might regretfully have to cut away the beautifully overlocked edges. And finish the blasted things another way.

I’ll try it on again, to see whether one option leaps out ahead of the other, but really, either way- grrr!


Edited to Add:

I decided to do the unpicking tonight. I swear, the word “seam-ripper” is the cruellest misnomer in the whole of the sewing lexicon. There is no ripping involved at all. Reclaiming those stitches is long and hard and it’s never a nice experience… And seeing as I was still working on it, I figured I might as well keep going and redo the back seam and zip tonight.

I decided to go with option b), and it’s worked very well. The back neckline is sitting beautifully, and I’m happy with my zip insertion. I’d post photos but it’s far too bothersome at this time of night.

I’ve still got the edge neatening to do on the back seam and zip edges and the tidying up of the facing around the zip (I haven’t really worked those two out in detail yet) and the hemming to do.


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