A Confession

I have a UFO among my sewing stuff. If it was a UFO of my own it might not be so bad, but this is a summer dress I promised to make for my niece/god-daughter. I started it at least 2 years ago, and it has languished unfinished in my “mending pile”. It’s only there because I wanted to hide it from myself, and stop it from guilting me out every time I saw it.*

The guilt-inducing UFO

The guilt-inducing UFO

But I am determined to finish this dress. It won’t fit my god-daughter now, but she’s got a sister two years younger, so it might fit her (not that it’s her style, really- she’s not so much into the Pink’n’pretty aesthetic). But if all else fails there’s the three year old niece who could grow into it in the next four or five years!

Edited to Add- Oh boy, now that I’ve taken a look at it, I think a fair bit of unpicking and resewing is in order!

* From this, you can deduce that the whole “mending pile” is in the bottom of a wardrobe, safely out of sight and definitely out of mind, and mending doesn’t really ever get done!


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