The Blue Roses Dress In All Its Glory

I finished this dress on Friday, and wore it to visit my sister on Saturday. I love it! I’m raring to make another one, to make the most of the immediate knowledge I gained on this make, and because I need more summer dresses!

Blue Roses Dress front

Blue Roses Dress front

I know, it needs a couple of rows of pearls just to finish off the outfit.

The picture of the back isn’t so great, but dammit, I worked hard to sort the back out, so you get to see it. I’m going to have to learn about posing for blog photos. And working with my camera timer.

Blue Roses Dress back

Blue Roses Dress back

And as I’m most proud of this zip, here’s a picture of it:

That's one beautifully lapped zip, though I say so myself

That’s one beautifully lapped zip, though I say so myself

What I love about this dress? It’s got pretty blue roses on it, what’s not to love? I’m proud of the fit on this- although Emma did the front work, I learned from what she did, so I could do the back myself. And I’m proud of myself that I didn’t freak out when I realised I needed to re-do work, and I just went ahead and unpicked, without going off on one. I may yet learn patience.

Things I’m going to change on the next one? It can be a bit smaller, with Emma’s alterations I had a massive seam allowance, of 7/8″. And this dress has a LOT of ease. I’d be quite happy with a slightly closer fit, especially in the skirt element. I’ve already traced off the pattern pieces, adding the alterations that Emma made, and then adding my own alterations, which means the back will be smaller, and already incorporates the changes that I made. I might change the front neckline darts to make them more of a design feature, by turning them into pleats. I might even make the neckline a little lower, though I’d have to be sure of myself when it came to changing the facing.

In other news, progress has been made on the Niece’s summer dress, and it’s been considerably tidied up. I’ve got the hemming to do. It’s all pinned and ready to sew by hand, and I might get cracking on that tonight.


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