The Sew Weekly Reunion- Theme

The theme has been announced. It’s the The Pantone Challenge!

Pantone Autumn 2013 palette

Pantone Fashion Colour Report – Autumn 2013 palette

These are good colours, and I can certain get down with Emerald. Acai, Samba and Vivacious. I’m thinking Turbulence would be a good neutral, and I’m thinking already about how I could put all these colours together (well, not *all* of them in the same outfit!). These all fit beautifully into my own personal colour schemes.

It’s going to depend largely on what fabric I can find.  I don’t have a massive stash, and nothing in the little one I’ve got fits in this palette. Though heaven knows why not- some of those colours are screaming “Béa!”. So I’m going to have to wait till I get the fabric inspiration. Unfortunately, I’m off to dance Summer School tomorrow- one week of full-on bellydance goodness. So I can’t see myself getting anywhere near a fabric shop for the next ten days or so. Nothing like putting myself under pressure, eh? And until I choose fabric, I don’t really know what I’d like to make.

First thoughts, though, are:

– It’s the Autumn palette, so even though it’s August now, I should be working on the basis of this garment being an autumn item.

– I might not go all adventurous for this make, but I would really like it to be a decorated item. Whether that means some embroidery or appliqué, or some other embellishment technique, I won’t know till I get started, but there *will* be decoration.

– Also, it would be really cool if I could incorporate something I receive from the patterns & notions swap, and that probably won’t arrive for a good week or so, if it’s coming from overseas. And if I have to sign for it I won’t be around for next week, anyway.

In related news, I sent my parcel off yesterday- it’s going overseas, and I’ll be tracking it anxiously, like a mother whose child is on a gap year trip! So far tracking shows my parcel “has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in redacted foreign country” though I guess all that means is it’s been sent to Heathrow sorting office!


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