The Sew Weekly Reunion Patterns and Notions Swap – fun times!!!

I’m back from my dance summer school- oof! Really I just want to sit with a glass of chilled white wine and relax a bit, but it’s too exciting! I got my swap package from the lovely and kind Michelle, from Create | Quilt | Sew.

I have to confess, I skipped class on Wednesday morning and snuck home, as I was waiting for some important work related stuff to come through the post, and I needed to do some shopping for the fancy dress party on Thursday. And as it happened, I arrived at my flat right at the exact time the postman was about to write his “you were out when I called with this parcel you have to sign for” card, so I was able to sign for it. But when I saw the customs declaration telling me what was in it, I decided I should wait until I got home officially, to do the Grand Opening, so that I could do it proper justice.

And oh my, it was worth the wait! Michelle had parcelled everything up beautifully, with the notions and her note in gorgeous little floral bags. Soooo pretty!

It's all in the packaging!

It’s all in the packaging!

Thank you Michelle for

The pattern itself is Butterick 5764 which is a nice easy dress. I’m particularly liking the high-low hemline version. Michelle had downloaded the pattern and printed it all out for me. All I need to do is tape it all together, which actually I quite enjoy, because it makes me feel like I’m in primary school. BUT, there was a second, BONUS pattern for various sewing accessories, like a tailor’s ham, a wall organiser, a sewing machine cover, etc etc. Really useful, especially as my sewing machine was dirt cheap and the plastic cover it came with is nasty, so I should be able to make my own and make it nice!

As for the notions, there was a purple tape measure (purple is definitely one of *my* colours!), a little wooden needle box, and a wooden spool of vintage pink thread- it feels lovely.

But most endearing of all, there was a needle book, which bears all the hallmarks of being hand-made, and although Michelle hasn’t said so in her note, I’m guessing it was made by her (if it wasn’t, Michelle, do please say who did make it, because it’s darling), with – just *look*! – tape measure decoration!!!! And it’s full of little useful bits and bobs, including long dressmaking pins (heehee! she must have been reading my blog *really* carefully!)

Needlebook delights

Needlebook delights

Thank you so much Michelle, for your lovely swap package – it was so much fun to receive, and I hope to do justice to it in the not too distant future.


4 thoughts on “The Sew Weekly Reunion Patterns and Notions Swap – fun times!!!

  1. I am glad you like it! The needle book is homemade. Sorry about the print out, but the company didnt allow me to send it electronically. I had not thought it through. I am hoping to check my post, but I am in the wilderness for another 4 days. Happy sewing!

    • It’s especially nice to receive something hand-made as part of this swap. And of course I don’t mind the print-out- I quite enjoy the putting together of downloaded patterns.

      As I’ve said elsewhere, the whole swap experience has been fun: fun to choose items for my swapee, fun to receive your parcel of goodies, fun to see how my swapee liked the things I picked for her, and ongoing fun to read other people’s blogs to see what they have received. It’s opened up a whole new range of sewing blogs for me to read!

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