I managed to get to Fabricland yesterday, and do my SWR shopping in 20 minutes from getting out of the car to getting back in it (parking restrictions combined with shop closing times will do that for a person). I had done my dance demo at the Sunbury Regatta, and done a lot of talking to passers-by about Adult Learning, and handing out leaflets and course guides and generally being helpful. I managed to bunk off in the late afternoon and head for Kingston, where the nearest Fabricland shop is. I haven’t ever driven around Kingston before, which is a minefield of one-way systems, but I did manage to find the shop, and get in, browse, and buy, pretty damn quickly.

I didn’t have the Pantone colours printed out- I figured my colour memory is reasonably good, and the colours I had in mind were firmly in my head. I didn’t have any specific project ideas, I was waiting for the Inspiration Fairy to wallop me with her stick. I got drawn to a lovely drapey pink/grey print, but it wasn’t pulling quite hard enough.

I looked at the plain cotton drills, because I was thinking I might want to make a skirt with some embroidery/appliqué embellishment, and both of those are going to work best with plains. I ended up going with this purple, because I decided that would be a good plain base to go on from. It’s in the Acai range, though slightly pastelled down. It’s a more intense purple than this photo makes it appear.

Purple cotton drill

Purple cotton drill

But as ever, I lingered longest in the prints! I have surprised myself by not going for any florals. I loved this groovy abstract print, and it works for the Emerald colour scheme, and falls happily into my teal/turquoise colour range. Again, my camera hasn’t captured its full greenness- it’s a proper tealy green. It’s telling me that it needs to be made into one of those big skirted summer dresses. Perhaps not quite in the “Autumn/Fall” spirit of the Challenge? I’m not sure…

Groovy Pucci style print- yeah baby!

Groovy Pucci style print- yeah baby!

After choosing two good potential candidates for the Challenge, I reckoned I could go a little off-piste with those prints. I had seen a gorgeous Flamingo print on the fabricland website which I thought would be fun, but when I saw it in the flesh, the colours turned out to be not quite right for me. But I fell in love with this fishy print, that made me think of a wonderful holiday I spent in the Maldives a long time ago. This is another potential fouffy summer dress. I think I’m going to go off and pootle around Pinterest, to get some stripey/directional contrasts inspiration- up & down for the bodice, across for the skirt, maybe? Oh lordy! I’ve just realised, I’d have to be very careful to make sure I don’t end up with fish-nipple! And yeah, for the one fabric where the correctness of the colour representation is irrelevant, *this* is the one that comes out realistically!

Tropical fish and dolphins swimming up and down

Tropical fish and dolphins swimming up and down


2 thoughts on “Speed-shopping

  1. What fun fish 🙂
    I’ve got a Fabricland near me too – it’s nice to have a reliable source of solid-coloured fabrics and pretty prints, although I would still like there to be something like the Birmingham Rag Market nearby.

  2. Heehee! I’ve got several Fabriclands I can choose from- Basingstoke or Reading are my usual ones, but on Saturday, Kingston was the nearest to where I was doing my demo.

    I’m near enough to London to be able to get up there pretty easily by train, so I’ve visited Goldhawk Road and been awestruck by the choice, I imagine the Birmingham Rag Market would be the same! Reading about all the blogger meet-ups in Brighton and Birmingham and London this year has made me well jealous and I’m determined that the next one that gets announced, I *will* be there!

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