Fall For Cotton Sewalong

Having signed up for the Sew Weekly Reunion challenge (and enjoying that challenge so far), I’m embracing the whole challenge ethos and I now appear to have signed up for another one, the Fall For Cotton Sewalong. That’s another button to be added to the sidebar!

It’s a September Sewalong, starting on 1st and finishing on 30th. The rules are that you use 100% Cotton fabric, and that you make a garment from your favourite vintage decade. Thankfully you’re allowed to use retro patterns, as I’ve not actually got any genuinely vintage patterns at my current disposal.

I’m not yet 100% sure what I’ll be sewing- I usually have to find the fabric to inspire me! Part of me wants to go for a huge skirted 50s dress, but my rational head is reminding me I *need* some sensible office clothes, so I might end up going for a pencil skirt instead. Or *maybe* this is the time I challenge myself to conquer my fear of buttonholes and make a blouse… I’ll update once I’ve found the supplies that send me in a specific direction. Another trip to the shops is beckoning!

I’m not doing it for prizes*, I’m just doing it to challenge myself. Who knows where this one will go?

* Just as well, as I ain’t going to be winning any!


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