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I’ve just finished hemming the You Mean I’m Wearing Orange?! Skirt, and it looks pretty damn good, though I say so myself! I’m going to have a stab at getting it photographed tomorrow. But until I’ve got nice photos I’m not doing the final post on it.

So now, I can focus on the Fall For Cotton Challenge.  I’ve got all sorts of ideas flying around, and as usual when I’ve got lots of things in my head confusing me, I’m writing those things down. I find it helps me, because it gets those things out of my head.

Recapping the challenge terms:
1 – It has to be made from 100% cotton.
2 – It has to be vintage style (from 20s to 70s), meaning you can use either genuine vintage patterns, or reproduction vintage patterns, or modern retro patterns, or even modern patterns, to get the right look.
3 – Sewing starts 1st September, the challenge ends 30th September.

I don’t want to make a garment that I’ll end up not wearing, because I’m not made of money, so whatever I make needs to fit into my functional wardrobe. I don’t have a vintage wardrobe, so whatever I make, it needs to be fairly classic, and not look too costumey.

I toyed with the idea of making a pencil skirt, but threw that one out, partly because it’s basically just another straight skirt, so not much of a challenge and it would be a cowardly option, and partly because it’s just too similar to the Sew Weekly Reunion skirt I’ve just finished- I want to do something different.

The 70s are still too close for comfort- I can remember my childhood and adolescent wardrobe only too well, and it ain’t a pretty thing. The forties and earlier are too costumey for me, and won’t fit in with any of my other clothes, but I think I can absorb a certain amount of 50s or 60s influence. I’m looking at retro style patterns, since I don’t have any actual vintage patterns to hand. I’d love to make a huge fouffy fifties sundress, but it is the “Fall” for cotton challenge, so that’s not very realistic. Even with an Indian Summer, England in September requires more autumnal inspiration. Also, I’m starting a new job in September, which will require me to dress more “officey” than I’ve been used to, and my office wardrobe needs a boost.

I’m looking quite strongly at the Simplicity Jiffy Dress, Simplicity 1609.

Jiffy Dress

Jiffy Dress

This dress seems well within my abilities. It’s cute,  but I think it CAN work for the fuller figured lady, because it’s got really simple lines. I think I’d want to make it plain, rather than patterned, or keep the patterning quite subtle, but who knows, I might get inspired if I see something fabulous that would make this dress rock. Plus, Fabricland have a half price Simplicity Patterns sale!

I was thinking that in order for this to be a true challenge to me, I should try and address one of my Issues, namely buttonholes, by trying to make a blouse of some sort. This would be a real challenge to me. I’ve looked on Ebay for actual vintage patterns, and there were a couple that look reasonably straightforward, but they’re all TINY, and the patterns would need serious grading to get up to anything resembling my size. There’s the possibility of using Simplicity 1590, which is quite a pretty retro pattern.

Peplums ahoy!

Peplums ahoy!

But I’m not sure about that peplum. Maybe I could just make it a bit smaller? I can appreciate it’s a nice feature, but it’s just too much flapping about for my liking.

My third option is to stick with the frock idea, and just make it in more autumnal weight fabric, rather than summer style fabric. I’ve already got Butterick 5748, which is pretty as a peach. I’d be going for the more simple version, because I don’t want to have bows and stuff on a work dress. Obviously with the charming English Winter approaching, I’d need to invest in a load of cardigans to wear with it, on account of it being sleeveless.

Butterick retro frock

Butterick retro frock

And finally, there’s the option of a pattern-free circle skirt. I’ve done a short circle skirt already, the Squares and Triangles Circle Skirt, using the full width of a wide piece of fabric. This would be a longer length skirt, and would be more along the lines of a poodle skirt. It would be another opportunity for embellishment, and I’ve got a couple of ideas for that- nothing firm yet, just *not* a poodle. That would be too Grease for words!

So there you have it- lots of ideas, and I’m aiming to go fabric/pattern shopping on Tuesday- Fabricland have a 10% off offer on Tuesdays in August so I’m going to take advantage of that while I’ve still got Tuesdays free- I’ll be a wage slave the week after that. I’m hoping that I find fabric that will inspire me towards a particular direction. And even if I don’t use these ideas for the Fall For Cotton challenge, they’re still all good ideas and I can use them some other time.

If anyone reading has any particular views one way or another, or can think of anything else I might want to consider before committing myself to a specific project, all input would be most welcome.


2 thoughts on “FFC ideas

    • Thanks, I *will* be using the Butterick some time, whether it’s for the FFC or some other time, so you’ll get my views on it then!

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