Pattern Futzing

I’ve only gone & done my first FBA!

I’ve spent a good part of this evening sellotaping lots of bits of tracing paper together and crossing out lines, and making new ones. I won’t know if it’s worked until I start actually sewing stuff together, obviously, but I’ve done a tissue fitting, with the darts all taped into position, and so far, it’s looking like everything *ought* to work. At least it’s a good starting point. Everyone keep their fingers crossed for me.

I’ve also added a lot more markings on the pattern pieces, for my own information, like where my waist is, where my hips are.

I’m not showing photos of myself in my undies and paper on the internets, so you’ll have to make do with pictures of my poor mangled bits of tracing paper. Poor and mangled they may be, but they are going to make me an ACES dress!

Futzing the pattern

Futzing with the pattern


9 thoughts on “Pattern Futzing

  1. I’m not congratulating myself yet, because it will depend on whether it works out successfully, but once I got going on it, it was reasonably easy to grasp as a concept.

    The more I sew, the more obvious it becomes that most of the time you spend is in the prep not the actual sewing!

  2. Hi Bea 🙂 Well done for doing a FBA, I dread the day I am faced with it! I am currently doing my first ever muslin for the cotton challenge, and really enjoying it! I would love to hear your opinion on it 😉 It is true, the art is in the prep work 🙂

      • Hi Siri, thanks! I was dreading it too, and you wouldn’t believe how many tutorials I read online before I got started on it, and kept referring back to while I was doing it- I had so many tabs open!

        And now I’m off to read your blog, and see what you’re doing for the FFC challenge. Another one to add to my bloglovin reader!

    • Hi Karin, thanks! I’ll be really pleased if this works, but if it’s not quite right yet, well, I’ll just have to keep practising!

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