A bit of self-control now

And now for some Internet Accountability.

Having got the pattern for the Fall For Cotton Challenge, I’ve decided that I’ve got more than enough patterns right now to last me until the new year, so I’m not allowed to buy any more for another 6 months. It’s not a major hardship. My production output isn’t exactly vast, and I’ve got plenty of patterns available to me, certainly enough to see me through the various ideas of planned projects that I’ve got lined up.

Patterns- I gottem!

Patterns. See? More than enough! 

And that doesn’t even include the Jiffy Dress pattern I’m using for the Fall for Cotton Challenge. And yes, that is the fabric I’m using for the Dummy Run dress. I was captivated by the colour, a fabulous rich dark teal. It’s a cotton stretch sateen, with a little bit of lycra to it, so I can’t use it for the challenge itself, but it’s good for my hopefully wearable toile. I’ve got as far as cutting it out and pinning some bits together.

The Jiffy Dress Pattern and Dummy Run

The Jiffy Dress Pattern and Dummy Run WIP

I intend to use this pattern two or three times over, and I want to go back and repeat some other patterns that I’ve already used. I’m conscious that once I’ve used the pattern, I’ve already made the necessary alterations on it, and that speeds up the process for the second and subsequent uses. So it makes sense to reuse them if I like the results.

That isn’t to say that I won’t have bookmarked a load of patterns, so that I’m all ready to splurge as soon as my time is up.


2 thoughts on “A bit of self-control now

  1. You have self-control Bea – you should see the stash I’ve got – no patterns for me! I agree about the TNT patterns, reap the benefit of your hard work 🙂

    • We’ll see if I’ve got self-control in 6 months time!!! But if I’ve made a promise to the whole of The Internet that I won’t buy more patterns, it’s going to make it much more embarrassing if I fail. You are all my Conscience in this.

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