The Emery Dress Buzz

You’ll remember I imposed a buying patterns ban upon myself, just a few days ago. In that time, Emery Dresses have been popping up all over the sewing blogosphere.

Just look at this delicious nautical number from Adey at the Sew Convert:

Emery Dress ahoy! Also, I *love* those shoes!

Or this Jackie-Kennedy-channelling version from Lauren at  Rosie Wednesday (in my head that blog name always seems to come out as Ruby Tuesday!):

With Pockets- every sewist on the net needs pockets.

How about this gorgeous floral print version by Shanni Loves:

I can’t help myself- I do love a big floral print!

How can you do this to me, Fate? No buying new patterns until March at the earliest, and then this happens!

Thankfully there is a possible solution. My rule is no *buying* of patterns. But winning a giveaway would be perfectly fine. So it’s fantastic that both Lauren and Shanni are hosting giveaways for the Emery Pattern.

Go here, for Lauren’s giveaway:

Go here, for Shanni’s giveaway:

And if all else fails, this is definitely on my Pattern Buying List for when my six months is up.


4 thoughts on “The Emery Dress Buzz

  1. Hi Beá, I just won a give-away last week, so I just popped over to rub some of my luck over on you 😉 That pattern IS adorable, but I really need to stop with the dresses for a while 😀 Norwegian winter is not for dress wearing! Be lucky 😉

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