Eeeep!!! Fall For Cotton Panic!

How many days left before the end of September??? I’ve done NOTHING on this dress since I cut it out about 10 days ago.

So I decided I needed to get my act together PDQ and I am now getting it sewn. But it’s black, and the bulb in my sewing machine has gone (or the connection for it has gone- whatever, it’s not lighting up) so I’m having to concentrate *really* hard when I’m sewing, and let’s not even talk about having to unpick & resew.

And it’s dispiriting to remember that a simple instruction like “sew the front seam”, which sounds like you can get it done in 45 seconds actually takes a good deal longer, because of neatening seams and checking the fit and resewing and pressing…

But I’m doing it.

And I’m doing it properly. See? Neat seams. I do feel like I’m almost learning Sewing Patience.

Neat Seams FTW!

Neat Seams FTW!


5 thoughts on “Eeeep!!! Fall For Cotton Panic!

    • That’s a really good idea- I’ll have to see where I can get hold of a head torch tomorrow, when I’m in town.
      Realistically, it’s not very likely that I’ll be able to finish this dress in time for the official FFC round up, so I will just have to forgive myself for that.

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