Some of my Fall For Cotton Favourites

So all the queens of the last minute are posting their photos on the Fall For Cotton Flickr photo-stream, in time for today’s deadline. And I love so many of those challenge garments, but it’s not really feasible to post all of them. These are some of the highlights for me.

This is an unashamed picture post, and I hope that none of the owners of these photos will mind me promulgating them here on my own blog. If anyone has any problem with me hotlinking to their flickr photos or blog, I will happily edit them out. If they’re posted here, it’s because I really liked their make, so it’s honestly intended as a compliment, but I understand that they aren’t my pictures to share, and it’s your call.

First, I do appear to love a shift dress. This one is the Marnie Dress by Sew Classic. It’s a really elegant, and sexy-as-all-get-out wiggle dress, and the lace print fabric is so pretty.

The Marnie Dress

And talking of pretty fabric, how about this AMAZING print. I love the green and all the over the top Indian patterns. This dress is by Allie, from Through the Alley. And click here for her blog post about this dress, including the best detail- a little back bow.

And here comes another slinky dress, this time by Milena of the Home Blues. I love the autumnal print on this dress (blogged here).

Love those falling leaves!

Moving on to frocks of the less saucy variety, I fell hard for this black & white number by Katie Kadiddlehopper. Check her blog post for the full benefit of this fifties fashion print fabric. I love how she’s used the black for contrast.

Monochrome Gorgeousness

This dress & jacket suit is by Melanie of the Seed of 3, and is just adorable. See here for the blogging of it. I also love how Melanie’s accessorised with a pale pink hair ribbon- sweet!

Polka Dot Sweetness

There were a couple of tops that caught my eye. The first is another monochrome black & white number, from Elena Knits,  blogged in more detail with more photos here.

More black & white goodness

And I love the blouse that Tasha of By Gum, By Golly, one of the founders of Fall For Cotton, made. I particularly love the red buttonholes.

Isn’t this lovely?

There were a few makes from people who don’t seem to have a blog (if I’ve got that wrong, do please let me know and I’ll be happy to link)

40sVintageMama posted this fab cowboy print skirt:


Woolbothy posted this snuggly looking zip top:

Doesn’t that look great for the autumn?

And as ever, I’m unable to resist a gigantic floral print!

You’ve gotta love a gigantic floral print!

And last, but by no means least, here is a selfless make, for the gentleman in her life, by Sanna of Space Dices. If you read Finnish, you could find out more about that make here.

A very stylish shirt

All the FFC photos are here, if you want to check out all the challenge garments that I haven’t posted about! And there may well be more last minuters, because I guess the challenge is still open until midnight USA time.


5 thoughts on “Some of my Fall For Cotton Favourites

    • Not at all! It’s a beautiful blouse and I don’t think I’ve ever seen butterflies that looked as grown up as yours!

    • Me too- I’m champing at the bit! I know poor Rochelle has to do all the hard work, and she’s waiting for the last people to finish, but I’m not renowned for my patience!

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