Presenting… The Jif Lemon Dress – Updating the Fall For Cotton Jiffy Dress

The Jif Lemon Dress - All finished!

I said in the original FFC Finished post that I wanted the appeal of this dress to lie in the embellishment. I’d posted about decoration back here, and I knew after writing that post, that I wanted it to be those citrus appliqués. I didn’t want mad colours, so it was a case of sticking to one citrus fruit only, and as soon as the phrase “Jif Lemon” popped into my head, the colour scheme was set!

I made up one dummy run lemon slice, as soon as I had my felt. I didn’t have any embroidery thread in the right colour, so I just did it with white cotton and a plain running stitch, and I wasn’t taken with that effect- I worried that the edges would get fuzzy. But it gave me an idea of how the dimensions would work, and I could gauge how many I’d need to make, for my dress’s hem. Then I tried one using cotton perlé embroidery thread (Again. I like that stuff, its shiny!) and with a whip-stitch, and that felt better.

I cut out 14 of these slices. I wasn’t too worried about making them identical, but I wanted them to look broadly similar. It was boring and repetitive to sew the pieces together, but as with all such boring repetitive jobs, you just have to be able to watch tv while you’re doing it and keep the overall goal in mind.

Lemon slices

Then it was a case of sewing the slices onto the dress- another repetitive, boring task! I’d done my calculations for how close to each other they needed to be, and how far up (they needed to clear the hem, as I didn’t want to muck up my lovely zebra print binding). I’m quite proud of how neat they are inside.


Another neat inside shot

The dress is now a bit more zingy, and a lot more me. The weight of the lemon slices gives the hem a liddle bit of swing now. It’s odd, because they didn’t feel heavy before I sewed them on. I suppose it’s all a matter of distribution.

Again, I seem to have alighted on a colour that I would never normally consider wearing- the bright yellow felt that I got cheap on Ebay was waaaaaay out of my normal colour palette. For that reason, the appliqués are all on the hemline, nowhere near my face. It doesn’t look too strong because of the white. I really like how they’ve come out. I have to acknowledge to myself that this year has been a strange one for being attracted to yellows and oranges. It started back in February when I was in Cairo, and ended up getting one costume with yellow as the main colour, and one in black, red & yellow. And I kept spotting cute shoes in orange and yellow. And then there was the You Mean I’m Wearing Orange?! Skirt last month. I’m not sure if this is a long term trend for me. We’ll see…


13 thoughts on “Presenting… The Jif Lemon Dress – Updating the Fall For Cotton Jiffy Dress

    • As I said to JacqC, below, I have enough reserves of patience, when I’m motivated by “I want”! And it didn’t take too long.
      I’m kind of annoyed with myself, that I didn’t get my act together enough to get them done in time for the FFC deadline, though!

    • It wasn’t too bad. A couple of evenings for sewing the appliqués together, and one evening for the sewing on. I can be ridiculously patient when it’s something I want!

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