An easy peasy skirt in progress

Tonight I started on my next work skirt. This one is using up some of the extra black drill I got for the Jif Lemon Dress (which dress continues to please me enormously). So it’s a bit of a stash-bust. I’ve still got over a metre left, but I have ideas for it, and if that means I end up with yet another black skirt, well, that’s fine for the office, and at least black goes with everything.

The current skirt is being thought of as the Counterintuitive Black Bird Skirt, on account of it being a black skirt that will be decorated with a bird, but not a black bird, nor even a blackbird. It’s a plain straight skirt because I like plain straight skirts, they’re handy. And easy. I did my usual To Do List and it turns out that I’m not doing anything new for this one at all. So no challenges there! The next couple of skirts I’ve got planned will have new and interesting things for me to try out.

Purple Tailor Tacks

Purple Tailor Tacks


6 thoughts on “An easy peasy skirt in progress

    • I need more work clothes, so that’s what I’ll be making for the next few months. But always with something special about them, I hope 😉

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