Birds on twigs

Having got the skirt cut out last night, I wanted to get going this evening, as it’s a busy week and weekend ahead, and I didn’t want this project to languish.

I decided to use up the last bits of the zebra stripe bias binding for the neatening of the facing. I did a hand-picked zip, which I’m liking a lot, because it’s way easier to keep under control. The seams are lovely and neat. All I need to do now is sewing on the bird decorations, hemming and putting in a hook and eye, because I didn’t get the zip inserted perfectly and I don’t want the zip-pull thing falling down!

The inside of the facing

The inside of the facing

Then I was ready to think about the decoration. I’d already picked out the image that I wanted to use as the basis for the appliqué, but I needed to make it bigger before printing it out, so I did a bit of work in potatoshop. The actual image was four birds on a twig, but I had to separate them, in order to print them, and actually I decided they might be better as two images.

Birds on twigs

Birds on twigs

Then I had the joy of cutting those rather delicate shapes out. It was tricky work! I was using up most of the white felt that I had left over from the Jif Lemon dress, so I feel like this skirt will very much be the younger sister of the Jif Lemon, what with the zebra bias and now this felt!

The birds at the front

The birds at the front

And the birds at the back

And the birds at the back

The eagle-eyed reader will notice I’ve reversed the image for the birds at the back. The way they’re positioned, it’s like the two birds on the back of the skirt are kind of looking round the corner, towards the birds on the front of the skirt. They’ll look a bit less wonky once they’re actually sewn on, the pins are distorting the image. I’ve also made the twigs a bit more bendy, because felt is flexible, and I liked the look better.

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that I can do these birds justice now!


11 thoughts on “Birds on twigs

    • Pfff! It’s not talent, it’s making the best of my extremely limited skills! Other people can sew things with sleeves and buttonholes and underlining and other technical stuff. I can just about manage a straight skirt with a zip, and decorating it makes it seem like a more skillful job than it really is!

    • I took a lot of time deciding what bird silhouettes to use. In the end, I went with these because I liked the idea of birds sitting on a twig. But for a long time, it was going to be seagulls in flight. That’s an idea that I can use another time, I guess.

    • Thank you, Elaine! I’m about two thirds of the way through the back birds, haven’t started the front birds yet. I’m doing much more dainty stitching than I have on previous makes, which takes time and care, which in turn makes me twitchy and impatient! But it *is* working and looking good, so I can put up with the twitchiness!

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