Birdies done!

I’ve got the birds all attached. I had hoped to get it done at the weekend, as I was away at a bellydance festival in Torquay, with lots of time on my hands, but as it turned out I was too busy having a nice time chatting with friends and dancing. But they are all done now. They’re basically sewn on with teeny tiny stitches, that only look neat because they are too small to be seen. If you clicky on the picky you can see them in hideous close-up.


The fronty birds

The fronty birds

And the backy birds

And the backy birds

Normally I’d be teaching on Tuesdays & Wednesdays but it’s half term (Hooray! Who’d have thought I’d still get excited about half term when I was nearly 50?) so I should be able to finish the skirt before the weekend is here- it’s just the hemming. Whether I can find the opportunity to photograph it nicely is another question.


15 thoughts on “Birdies done!

  1. Looks fab! I want to have a go at this! I think it may be my November task on the Monthly Stitch! Have bought The Sewing Bee book….. £7.50 in Hobby Craft today. So I make a circle skirt and Bea it!?!?

      • I wanted some ideas from you! Haha. I fancy an autumn colour to go with the Trench? Perhaps I should do a Christmas skirt and put holly on?!? Haha

      • I like the idea of holly. You’d need to make it nice & shiny somehow, so maybe some kind of satin appliqué?

        I love circle skirts, and I want to make one for myself sometime in the not too distant future. I’m tempted to go full poodle. But that might be a bit too silly for real-life wear. But maybe a dachshund along the hemline, or a dalmation – I’m seeing a “negative space” type image, where the shape of the dalmatian would show up by the dots you see rather than being an obvious dog shape. Sorry that’s not very helpful, is it?

      • I was thinking about an appliqué I had seen and it really was a poodle…. On a lead and a gorgeous 1950s woman walking it! Have you ever seen that or is it something from my childhood? I think you would be good at that! Although i like sound of Dalmatians……just the dots and with red collarsI would look fantastic!

      • Getting carried away now….. I googled poodle skirt images and there are quite a few! Think this has to be your next inspiration! Keep thinking for me! Haha

      • Ah! I did a Holly Hobby collage once, back in the day. The trickiest bit was the hands, but the rest of it was fun…

        Hmm, I’m not thinking of baboushka dolls, so much as day of the dead sugar skulls.

      • we are sparking off each other with this creativity! Lol. I am onto appliqué shoes and handbags now! The possibilities are endless! Best not decide just yet….. We may have more inspiration to come!

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