I mentioned dachshunds in one of the comments in my last post, about decorating a circle skirt. I saw a fab dachshund image in the last week or two, and I’m racking my brains to remember where. It was some kind of wall picture, or print or something, with a red background, and it was in a shop or art gallery, probably locally, I just don’t know where exactly.

This is going  to bug me until I remember!


2 thoughts on “Dachshund

  1. I think this would look so great! I spotted a red circle skirt with a black Scottie dog on it and black and white checked edging on it. But not seen a dachshund design. I like your thinking! You have such great ideas!

  2. I did a mental stocktake of all the places I’ve been in the last couple of weeks, and I *think* it was in a café where I had lunch a little while back. I’m going to have to walk past it and look in through the window at least to satisfy myself that I’ve remembered rightly. And if I have, I’ll have to go in for a cup of coffee or something, and sneakily take a phone pic to remind myself of the image!

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