I’m in the Pattern Pyramid!

The whole Pattern Pyramid thing started a while back, thanks to Karen of Did You Make That?, and packages of patterns have whizzed around the world, bringing joy and inspiration, and indecision to many a sewing blogger. Then in January this year, Beverley of On the Road to Sew Wear took an already good idea and made it a whole load better- she created the Plus Size Pattern Pyramid – for those of us with curves!Plus Sized Pattern PyramidThat first giveaway was won by KC of the Sewcratic Method, then it moved on to Dixie from With Needles and Brush, and from there to Megan of the Green Violet and on to Susan of Moonthirty. Then it moved to Fiona from SeamsStraightforward. And that’s the point where it got really interesting, as far as I’m concerned, because now it’s with me. My first ever time of winning a giveaway, and I got the jackpot!

Fiona had emailed me to say they were on their way, but of course the postie called when I was out at work, yesterday, and because it’s now Christmas as far as the Royal Mail is concerned(!), the “come & collect it” notice said to wait 24 hours before attempting to collect the parcel, rather than the usual 4 hours. So I left them plenty of time to get the parcel back to where it was supposed to be, and collected it today. And oh my! it is FULL of goodies! Photos to follow, when I’ve got my head around it all, and worked out what I can add from my own little stash, and most importantly of all, which patterns I want to keep and make.

So get ready for a Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid repost some time shortly.


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