Jungle January Ahead

I am a big fan of animal prints, especially zebra prints. I love ’em with a passion which verges on the obsessive. I’ve tried not to let myself go overboard on this in my sewing, as I do see it as a rather immature aspect of my wardrobe. But you’ve seen my zebra print binding on the Jif Lemon Dress and on the Counterintuitive Black Bird Skirt. Still, I’ve managed to keep that animal print love pretty discreet. I have, however, got a ridiculous number of animal print dance costumes, and I don’t see that as any kind of a problem, because dance costumes are where you’re allowed to be a bit crazy.

So this is all gearing up to me committing wholeheartedly to Jungle January, in the New Year, hosted by Anne of Pretty Grievances.

Jungle January, here I come...

Jungle January, here I come…

I’m not sure what rules there might be, if any- it looks like Jungle January #1 this year was a fairly free-form affair. I’m pretty sure I’ve got some animal prints in my little stash somewhere, and by crikey, I’m going to use them!




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