The Plus Size Pattern Pyramid moves on

Oursewingpatch at Sewinlove has received the big box of patterns and she’s posted the next giveaway. She’s picked the ones she’s keeping and has added some really interesting dress patterns to the mix.

So if you are a lady with curves, and fancy a new pattern to try out, then head on over there, and comment for a chance to become part of the Pyramid Love.

I just know I’m going to be following this one forever!

In other news, I’m feeling highly conscious that I’ve not done any actual, yanno, sewing, for a-a-a-a-a-a-ages. I have kept thinking to myself I really ought to make something nice to wear for Christmas, particularly as it was my birthday yesterday and I usually try to have something new to wear for both Christmas & birthday. But I haven’t got around to it. Yet.

I’ve finished work now, and apart from having to do a ton of present shopping (because I am Queen of the Last Minute), I’ve got some spare time especially as the Gentleman Friend has taken himself off to Cornwall, so I’m thinking I might get something done. There, I’ve said it- it’s a promise to the Internet, so I’ll have to do something now, won’t I?


4 thoughts on “The Plus Size Pattern Pyramid moves on

  1. Happy birthday Béa! Hope you get your shopping done and also find some time to sew. I am working right up to Xmas eve, so it’s a good job my presents are all organised – still need to wrap them though!

    • Thanks Fiona! It’s a good job you’re well organised! You have my undying admiration. I’ve never been able to get Christmas present buying done in reasonable time, it’s always in the last few days beforehand.

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