Post-Christmas and Pre-New-Year

I have been feeling less of the sewing mojo in the last few weeks, I confess. There’s no particular reason for it, I just haven’t had the urge. It happens. I missed out on the November Make Something Every Month, which feels like rather a Fail, personally. However, I am firmly of the intent to Make Something for December. I’m off visiting my Dad, in The Middle Of Nowhere, Wales, on Saturday, and it will be a time for not doing much, so I’ve put together a refashioning kit of sorts that I can take with me.

Cardi Blinging Kit

Cardi Blinging Kit

It’s a cheap cardi from Primarni upon which I shall be bringing my beading skills to bear. Since taking that photo, I’ve found a few more possible beads crystals & sequins and also some satin bias binding for backing purposes, so they’ve been slung into the kit for extra options.

This *will* be done before the end of December. I am determined to wear this for New Year’s Eve. However, I need to keep the beading fairly low-key, and not go totally costume-mungous, as I’d like to be able to wear this cardigan as daywear, in real life. I have absolutely *no* problem wearing sequins and crystals on daywear.


4 thoughts on “Post-Christmas and Pre-New-Year

  1. Cardi bling on primarni is a most excellent plan and cost effective too you clever lady! I too am happy to be like the local magpie with plenty of bling …… Look forward to the pics 😉

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