One final year-end project – the Blingalicious NotCardigan

This one has just managed to slip through into the December Make Something Every Month. It’s a refashion rather than a full-blown make, but it still counts.

I am in Wales, visiting my Dad (we’re not Welsh, he just likes living there), and have had a bit of time to mess about with some beading work, and the cardigan has now been blinged up, and I’m very happy with it.


I started with the collar, big crystals first, then filling in with the smaller crystals and the seed beads and sequins. Then I took the original buttons off and replaced them with AB crystals, and sewed up the front opening, so that it’s no longer a cardigan but a plain old jumper. Finally I backed the collar and button band with some satin bias binding, to hide the beading threads, and make it nice.

I had originally thought I would put some beading on the cuffs as well as on the collar & button band, but the ribbing of the cuffs is a lot wider, and it wouldn’t have matched, so I decided against it. I reckoned I’d got the beading about right on the rest of the jumper and it didn’t need any extra on the cuffs. If, upon wearing this, I find it really needs some extra bling about the wrists, I’ve still got plenty of supplies and can add some later. But I don’t think it will need it.

And of course there has to be the obligatory goofy shot. This is me admiring my Dad’s space telescope:

Admiring the telescope
And now I think that’s it for 2013. Happy New Year to all reading, and see you on the other side.


6 thoughts on “One final year-end project – the Blingalicious NotCardigan

  1. That is really pretty Béa and, dare I say, quite understated?
    I look forward to seeing what you make in 2014. Happy new year to you!

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