Planz- I haz dem

I’ve written out a list of the things I want to make this year. It’s an ambitious list. Actually, no, that’s being far too kind. It’s a completely unrealistic list! I can’t possibly get all those things done. Well I might if I didn’t have a social life and if I didn’t mess about online. Or work. Or possibly waste time with shopping and eating.

The list isn’t really a list of specific goals. It’s just a reminder of all the things I *want* to make. It’s my usual attempt to get the ideas out of my head, where they were buzzing around bothering me, and onto a page, where they can be recorded and controlled. I’ve written down all the things, and I’ve organised them. Just that fact alone puts me in control of those vague buzzy bothering thoughts. Now I can refer to my list and decide “Ah yes, I see it’s January, that means fixing the waistband on that pesky circle skirt, making something with that tomato coloured jersey I nabbed out of Dad’s ancient stash, and making at least two contributions to Jungle January”. Or I can refer to my list and decide “Stuff the circle skirt waistband, I’ll leave that till February”. The whole point of a list is that it’s malleable, manipulable (is that a word? It must be a word, it felt like a word.), adaptable. It is a Starting Point. That’s all it needs to be.

Once I’d worked out all the things I wanted to make, I allocated each of them to either January, February, March, Spring or Later (that’s all sounding a bit “this year, next year, sometime, never”!). I can review it later in the year. The things I don’t get round to doing in their designated time can be redesignated. Or ignored. Easy come, easy go.

So, in the interest of internet accountability, and having a record somewhere other than my laptop, here is the List of Unrealistic Plans:


January – Jungle January will mean a grey leopard print top (using one of the Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid patterns) and an animal print skirt (it depends on what fabric I can get). In addition, as I mentioned above, I’ve got some red jersey off my Dad to make into a skirt, and I need to fix the waistband on Squares & Triangles Circle Skirt. Are you seeing now how wildly overambitious I’m being?

February – I want to get that Tweal dress done. I have designated this Skirt Month, because I want to make at least three more skirts- a scalloped hem one, a border hem one, and a circle skirt, preferably one with the right sized waistband- I’m going to have to brush up my maths to get the Pi calculations right for this.

March – This month has been set aside for trying out Renfrews and using some of the jerseys in my stash. I can see this being a very useful pattern, and if I can crack this one it could sort out a lot of my top half wardrobe. If not already done, fix the front seam of the Jif Lemon Dress.

Spring – I want to make Cambie dresses, I love how they look, and I’ve got at least three pieces of stash fabric that would work with this pattern. I want to make a blouse, a proper one with buttons and buttonholes, this is my personal challenge. I’m planning on using a New Look pattern I’ve already got, but haven’t got any fabric in mind yet.

Later – In a further personal challenge, I want to make a jacket or coat. I’m thinking of the New Look 6162 coat that I got from the Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid, since I absolutely fell in love with it, but I’ve also got a yearning for Pauline Alice’s Ninot Jacket, because I do love a swing coat, and my pattern buying moratorium will be over by then. I’m also thinking I’d like to try making knickers out of all the scraps of jersey and lycra I’ve kept. I’m not knocking M&S, but it would be really cool to have my very own personal pants!

So there you have it- my ludicrously naive and impracticable plans for 2014. God bless them and all who sail in them…


6 thoughts on “Planz- I haz dem

  1. Cool! I’m impressed that you have made and documented your plans already. I am still planning to have a plan …
    Looking forward to seeing your makes.

    • It’s really just my way of pinning things down a bit, before they scramble my brain! It helped that I’ve just had four days of doing nothing at my Dad’s which gave me time to write things down.

  2. Great plans Bea. I LOVE planning – sometimes I think more than sewing (quelle horreur). I don’t go month by month as I know I have the attention span of a gold fish but I do love putting fabrics to patterns and dreaming about sewing them.

    Good luck with your goals. I look forward to seeing them made up.

    • Well, I have a similar attention span, but sometimes I respond well to structure, so we’ll see how this goes! I’m not expecting to achieve everything I’ve it will be interesting to see how far I match my plans!

  3. Awesome plan Bea ….. I too love my lists, far better than the voices in my head. That sounds suspect I know but sadly true, with all my patterns and fabrics I have promised myself I shall NOT go anywhere near Walthamstow until I have made a dent in my fabric stash but then that bad little voice in my head says you know how much good it would do you to go out Samantha!!!!!! PLUS I could always try and find a sewing swap somewhere on line and pass along some fabrics then I can legitimately go dont you think? X

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