Teasing for a skirt

When I was visiting my Dad, he realised that I was wearing a me-made skirt, the You Mean I’m Wearing Orange?! skirt, and we talked about how I was trying to do more garment sewing, and he was suitably impressed with my appliquéing. Being of the crafty persuasion himself (where do you think I get it?) he immediately offered me the pick of his fabric stash, for appliqué purposes. His stash is a bit ancient, a throwback to when he used to do patchwork, and make doll’s beds, and collages and so on. He would cadge fabric samples and remnants from wherever he could, and he had a big banana box full of fabric to show me*. It was mostly plain polycottons, and very tiny prints, and very small pieces. There were some bits of vintage Laura Ashley, and a lot of French cotton piqués. I couldn’t see any patterned pieces that I knew I could use immediately but there was one big bit of red cotton jersey that I could immediately see as becoming a skirt. I took that and a narrow bit of cerise cotton, because I thought I could realistically use these sooner rather than later.

I didn’t intend to get all precious about this skirt, and get anything as organised as a pattern. I took my new M&S pull-on stretchy skirt, which fits me fine, and I used that as my pattern. Side seams (I’m not even neatening the edges, they won’t fray), and an elastic waistband. I had 1″ elastic in my stash. Bish bash bosh.

The Waistband

The Waistband. It’s much redder than this in reality

But of course, I can’t leave a plain skirt alone, can I? I dug out my scraps bag, and found an old t-shirt sleeve that roughly matched the red jersey in terms of weight and knit-ness. I cut three squares in different sizes, eyeballing it, I wasn’t going to use anything as sophisticated as a ruler, either for measuring or for straight sides. I pinned them on and pinned the hem up and tried it on to check for positioning. I was happy so I machined the squares on.


Squares. Blimey, it’s coming out even more orangey in this photo. Honestly, it is red, I promise.

Now I’ve got a load of tacking to take out, and some hemming to do. It might get done tonight. It might have to wait until tomorrow. And who knows when I’ll be able to get this photographed in reasonable light?

* I know, every sewist reading this is laughing up their sleeve. “Heehee, one big boxful, call that a stash?!”.


4 thoughts on “Teasing for a skirt

    • The skirt is now done. I’ll probably wait for the weekend before trying to photograph it though. It gets dark way before I get home from work and I’d rather photograph it in natural daylight, so everyone gets to see that it is indeed red rather than orange!

  1. Your dad has a fabric stash??? How cool is that!!! (relax, we are not laughing at you….I only got one box too. Allthough there’s half a meter between the lid and the box itself 😀 )

    • Like I said, my Dad has always been into crafting in one way or another. He built himself a boat when he was a teenager. He’s done woodworking and sewing, picture-framing, pottery and patchwork. Now he’s in his 70s he does cross-stitching and builds model boats.

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