The Red Square Skirt

My first finished make of the year.

The Re Square Skirt

The Red Square Skirt

I do apologise for the faded quality of the photo. It’s rilly rilly cold, and I took as many as I could stand, in the hope that one of them would be usable. I failed! The only one where the colour came out right I had a right surly expression on, and I don’t want that to be the idea you have of me! So you’ve got the one where I’m looking upwards in classic blog photo style that is a bit pale.

I’ve worn this one to work once this week already, but actually it’s not very practical for chilly Januaries, because it’s a bit too thin for a winter skirt, it’s going to come into its own in the transition to Spring. Also, it’s rather clingy with thick tights. I may have to make myself a little half-slip.

I do love those squares though- I think they’re effective and they suit my style. When I was trying to work out how to decorate this skirt, the first image I had in my head was black squares of different sizes. But then I was tempted by more complex ideas, using black and white, trying to make the squares interlock, trying to do coloured embroidery on the appliqués. I’m glad I stuck to my original idea and kept it simple, I think this skirt works all the better for it.

Technically, this was a doddle. The only thing I did that was a bit sophisticated for me was the insertion of the waistband elastic. Normally, I’d have done a simple zig-zag, with no casing of any sort, and the elastic would be all on show on the inside. This time, the elastic is more encased. I zig-zagged it in as I normally would, but then I turned the waistband over, to cover the elastic, and I zig-zagged it again, to hold the elastic in place, and keep it covered. It’s not a perfect perfect finish, but it’s a vast improvement on all my bellydance skirts, so I’m calling that a win.

In making this skirt, I am veering into a colour scheme that is quite rare for me, I don’t have many red things in my wardrobe. I do have plenty of black tops, though, so I know that I will always have something I can wear with it. But I’m now about to start on a couple of Jungle January blouses in blacks and greys, and I’m thinking they’d suit this skirt down to the ground, so I’d best get a wiggle on with them.


6 thoughts on “The Red Square Skirt

    • Thanks Fiona! Yes I can wear a good scarletty red, but somehow I’ve not been in the habit of wearing much red, since I was 13, and it was my school uniform colour!

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