The Wardrobe Architect – #2

Week 2 of the Coletterie Wardrobe Architect project was a bit harder for me. One of the exercises was to create a list of words to describe one’s style, and even though I *love* words, I found this really hard. In my comment on Sarai’s post I very much glossed over this. Part of my difficulty is that I do know what I like and what tends to work for me, clothing-wise. It’s just not very categorisable (there I go, making up words again). Some people seem to be able to just say “I go for polka dots and Audrey Hepburn” and have very clear-cut preferences. My preferences seem to be all over the place.

Here’s my post:

I have to confess, I struggled with this week’s exercises! It’s hard to pin down something as insubstantial as one’s personal style.

The first two questions about how different clothes make me feel was very thought-provoking, and made me really focus on WHY I’m doing this. Why would I choose to acquire and wear clothes that make me feel “frumpy, old before my time, invisible, lazy, a failure, uncool”, when I could be acquiring and wearing clothes that make me feel “Confident, comfortable, elegant, stylish, unique, awesome”? I’m never going to wear clothes that make me feel bad again!

For the style icons questions, I had to think for a while. There’s nobody that I think “I want to dress just like her”. The people I admire for their style aren’t necessarily dressing the way I would want to dress. They’re dressing the way that they want to dress, they’re wearing whatever the hell they damn well like and that’s what I admire. So, for example, I love Helena Bonham Carter, Helen Mirren, Paloma Faith for their style. But I acknowledge totally that it’s not *my* style. This was another revealing answer for me. I’m lucky that I work in an environment where my personal clothing style fits quite easily into the “smart-casual officewear” expectation. Thinking about that has reminded me that I can and should happily embrace the whole “wear what I like” ethos.

I got my list of words down to: Simple, pretty, embellished, colour.

Now I know I should be collating some pictures, but I don’t even know how to start! I always feel like there’s nobody else in the world who wears clothes like I do, and I don’t fit into “fashion”. The nearest thing, I suppose would be my pinterest “inspiration” board:

To be honest, I think I’m quite aware of my personal style. I may not be able to put it into words, but I do generally know what’s going to work for me and what’s not. So it’s perhaps not so critical to my wardrobe planning to have those words and pictures to rely on. I was going to skip these exercises, but then I realised that later exercises might depend upon these answers, so I buckled down and did them- it was like doing homework!

In my physical wardrobe update, the culling is part way through, and Scope got two binbags full of clothes. That’s not to say I’ve thrown everything out that I don’t wear. I’ve kept a couple of things for sentimental reasons. But my wardrobe is now a lot clearer. One thing I’ve found is that I have far more skirts than I thought, and I’ve enjoyed wearing some of the rediscovered (and retained) skirts this week. I have ordered 20 skirt-hangers from ebay, because the reason I wasn’t wearing them was that I haven’t got enough skirt-hangers and I was putting about four skirts on each one, and so not seeing them. I can also see now that I need to acquire a lot more tops, because I have very few hanging up. I’ve still got the chest of drawers to attack, though, and I have a ton of Primark stretchy t-shirt type tops in there, which I do wear a lot, so I haven’t created a problem by throwing out all the tops that I have! But I do need more blouse type tops, especially some that are a bit more dressy.

And to that end, I’ve futzed around with the Simplicity 1806 pattern I got in the Plus Sized Pattern Pyramid, I’m ready to start cutting into my lovely grey & black leopard chiffon, and I’m determined to have this baby finished this weekend. I’m hoping it will work like I want it to, and it can become a good Go-To pattern for simple tops. If so, I should be able to make up some of the deficiency in tops quite easily.

Simplicity 1806

Simplicity 1806

The other thing I need more of is jumpers and sweaters and cardigans. Time to get back into knitting. I’ve joined Ravelry, and that’s a start, right?

4 thoughts on “The Wardrobe Architect – #2

  1. That blouse will be beautiful in leopard chiffon!
    Know what you mean about defining one’s style, it’s not easy is it? I like so many different looks, I couldn’t narrow it down.

    • It was the 3-5 words that were the hardest. The words I ended up with were the best I could manage, but they seem inadequate in many ways. As it is, “simple” and “embellished” seem to be contradicting each other. But both words do apply to what I think of as my personal style!

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