Oh dear, this is ridiculous!

As part of my Wardrobe Cleanse, I ordered a ton of skirt hangers from Ebay (hangerworld- they have all the hangers you might want!), so that I could actually *see* my skirts. Today I picked up the parcel from the post office and tonight I’ve started to hang all the skirts individually on their own hanger.

I did not realise I had seven black skirts. SEVEN! And I’ve got three black & white skirts, and two grey skirts. That’s twelve skirts with NO colour whatsoever. Then there are two browns. How dull is that?!  Admittedly one of those brown skirts is actually leopard-print, so not entirely dull, but still a neutral. 

The half of the wardrobe dedicated to the bottom half of me

The half of the wardrobe dedicated to the bottom half of me

Ignore the splash of pink on the left hand side, which is bellydance skirts- my bellydance wardrobe is a lot more colourful than my real life wardrobe! – and you can see it’s all a bit dour. From here on in, my skirts need to have a bit of colour to them!

Having said that, as you can see, I’m pretty well off for skirts, and I should focus more on my top half! The other side of the wardrobe contains tops and dresses, and is a lot more sparse. And I fear, similarly neutral. Which reminds me, I should go wrangle the chiffon monster, and see if I can’t beat it into submission. Time to make some tops.


9 thoughts on “Oh dear, this is ridiculous!

  1. Could you perhaps jolly up a couple of your black skirts with some appliqué?
    Looking forward to seeing that chiffon number too.

    • I’m happy to keep them as they are, because plain black skirts are always useful, and in fairness they are all different styles! But it’s a reminder to myself that I should try to avoid acquiring more plain black skirts! And since they are such a wardrobe staple, I think they will have to be PBSs in future, since I have far more of them than I have LBDs!

      Having said that, there are two pieces of black stash fabric that were originally destined for skirts! Some other colours too, but I don’t think I’m ever going to get away from having a ridiculous supply of PBSs in my wardrobe!

  2. This made me giggle a bit, as we are peas of a pod…. 95% of my wardrobe is black/grey/navy and what little there is of color, doesn’t coordinate with anything. I am going to do a toss-out soon, there’s is way too much old shit in there that just acts as filler. My wardrobe is pityful.
    On a good not, we can fill it with whatever we want, just takes some planning and consideration 🙂
    Have fun with the chiffon 😛

  3. I love your idea of a wardrobe cleanse, I’m always planning to do this, but never seem to get round to it! I think most of us opt for darker colours on the bottom half especially in winter, all my trousers, skirts etc are black or denim – I’ll have to change this! Wow to belly dancing, what a great way to keep fit and look gorgeous too!:)

    • I have to confess, bellydancing has definitely made me braver in my colour choices, even if my skirt wardrobe doesn’t really demonstrate that!

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