A test of my Wardrobe Resolve

I’ve reached the end of my 6 month pattern-buying moratorium, and what do I find greeting me, every time I look at my blogs? Coco, from Tilly and the Buttons, that’s what.

Cute as a button, of course!

It’s unutterably cute. It’s practical to wear. It’s a cinch to make, by every account I’ve read. I’m all ready to leap headlong into buying the pattern.

BUT… I’m trying to be Wardrobe Aware. I’ve been looking at my Wardrobe Architect responses from week 3, about silhouettes. This does not fit into my immediate love love love silhouettes. But it’s not in the never ever ever silhouettes either. It looks very tweakable. I’ve got a couple of knits in the stash that could be suitable.

So I have to ask myself: is it me-ish enough to justify buying the pattern? If I made it, would I wear it? It could use some tweaking to take it further into the love love love territory- for a start it would need to be a good 15cm longer, because nobody needs to see that big an expanse of thigh! But I think I’m talking myself into it… This is not a headlong leap, it is a thoughtful, considered, purposeful stride.

Now, am I the only one with this tune going through my head?



10 thoughts on “A test of my Wardrobe Resolve

  1. I’ve been looking at this pattern too and have decided that I would get a lot of use out of it as it looks fairly simple and adaptable. I’m trying to be very good too and only buy what I will use. I’ve never sewn knits before, so it will be a good learning experience for me.

    • I can see myself using it in a variety of ways too, which is why this pattern has now found its way into my collection (or it will do shortly, when it arrives in the post, because I’ve opted for the paper pattern rather than the download). Now I need to go find some sturdy jersey to make it with.

  2. Well, I like it. It looks very versatile to me, in a dress up or down kind of way. (I think I would make it the length it’s pictured and wear it either over jeans or with some sturdy leggings and boots). In a plain solid fabric, it would be a perfect canvas for some of your fabulous embellishments. I can definitely picture you in it.

    • It has been duly ordered, because I do believe I’ll be able to make it work well for me. I’m not so much of a “tunic” kind of girl, but I might try it, because there’s no reason why I haven’t opted for them before, and I feel I should push my own boundaries a bit, try things out.

  3. I’m with you, both on Coco, and patterns like that in general, where they suddenly appear everywhere, and everyone is making them, and everyone loves them, and it makes you want one too, even if you know that it’s not quite right for you. I didn’t immediately love Coco when it came out, it’s a bit too loose fitting for me. But then I see lots of lovely versions and start thinking ‘maybe I should give it ago…’, but then I think of all the other lovely patterns I have in my stash that I KNOW will look good on me, and which I’d be much better off spending my time and money on. But sometime I do feel like I need to branch out a bit and try things I wouldn’t immediately go for. It’s the sort of pattern that I might borrow off a friend and try if I have the opportunity, but I probably won’t go out and buy it…

    • I can get the same with other patterns that I see cropping up everywhere online- everyone’s loving theirs, heck, *I’m* loving theirs, why not try it? Then when it comes to the crunch, it’s just not my style. That’s why I forced myself to think about it carefully before I allowed myself to order it.

  4. What a versatile pattern, not only does it make an adorable tunic dress but could also look great paired with leather leggings, or made of lace to make a great swimsuit cover. The possibilities are endless.

    • Haha! You don’t need to sell me on it- I’ve got it in my hot little hands now! These are all excellent ideas, and I hope to make this pattern really work hard for me!

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