I have bought enough wool to make a cardigan with (two giant balls of Wendy’s Aran), and I’ve just realised that the teal/petrol blue colour is almost exactly the same as a cardigan I knitted for myself when I was about 18. That one was much more interesting as it had exciting colours added in, in slightly Fair Isle stylee.

Wool, plus a cd case (very topically Kate Bush) for size comparison

Wool, plus a cd case (very topically Kate Bush) for size comparison- it really is a ginormous ball of wool

I have started knitting it up, but I’m a slow knitter, so expect a “finished” post some time around Winter 2016/17-ish.

Edited to Add – I’m on Ravelry with this.

5 thoughts on “Driveby…

  1. Jeezaloo, that is one big ass yarn ball! Wish i could get some of those over here… I am knitting my father a cardigan, and had to buy 25 balls of yarn for it. Whew! (and still it looks like I am coming up short.) I will be awaiting your finished produce 😉 It is one of my favorite colors!

    • Hahaha! This is not a small discreet ball of wool. You can’t hide this away in your handbag so you can pull it out to knit on the train!
      Good luck with your knitting. It’s very kind of you to knit for your father- I’m so bad at selfless crafting.

    • Isn’t it just! In reality it’s a bit greener than the colour that’s showing on my screen. I love how teal isn’t quite blue, and isn’t quite green.

      • I was thinking of you yesterday…..I loaned a friend my sewing machine from John Lewis….the plastic type not my REAL one!! And she returned it yesterday with a gift… umbrella covered in poodles! Hahaha I need you to make that appliqued skirt covered in poodles!

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