Me Made May 2014 – I’m In!

I, Béa of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I will endeavour to wear something Me-Made five days a week for the duration of May 2014.


MMM14logolargeClick here to visit the amazing Zoe of So, Zo, What Do You Know? to find out aaaaaaaaaaaaaall about it.

This is a First for me! Woot and Yay and general excitedness! I don’t have a lot of me-made garments, but I think I can manage this pledge realistically. I’m aiming for proper daywear garments, but giving myself the leeway to include dancewear/costuming that I have made and include items that I have re-fashioned.

I’m *really* looking forward to this!

In particular, it actually feels very inspiring, and I may break out that Coco pattern.

So, who else is in? Who should I be stalking on twitter or flickr?


6 thoughts on “Me Made May 2014 – I’m In!

  1. I *might*, I need to have a shufty and make sure I have enough garments to survive a whole month.
    I need to do something to get me back on track with my sewing. It doesn’t look like I’ll be doing any this side of Saturday at the earliest.

    • I’m not making much at the moment, though I’ve got going on a refashion today, which I’m hoping I can photograph at the weekend. It feels good to have something I can actually show on this blog!

  2. I have really been wanting to join MMM, but I am afraid I don’t have enough garments to go around. I also fear my schedule for May is too busy for getting any proper sewing done. But I’m still on the fence 😉 I might just jump in!

    • You can adapt the pledge to make it more relevant to your own situation. I don’t have enough to pledge for the full 31 days, so I’ve limited it.

  3. First off, DEFINITELY do Coco. It’s such a great pattern.

    MMM is really fun. I jumped in a few years ago when I had only been sewing for 3 months, and it was a great experience. Feel free to stalk me on Flickr @ shelshel.

    Run with it and have fun with it!! See you on Flickr and beyond.


    • Hi there Shelley- good to see you here, I was just admiring your Dolly Clackett dress!

      I’m a total n00b when it comes to Flickr, but I *think* I’ve worked out how to follow you. I’m loving your style!

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