The ivy update

MMM – Day 5

Yesterday was lovely. The Gentleman Friend and I went up to the Mount (a big hill in Guildford) for a picnic lunch. Actually we bought fish & chips, but if you’re eating it in the open air, while sitting on a big grassy hill, then it counts as a picnic. Then we went on to  Bramley, to visit Birtley House Sculpture Gardens. Birtley House is a nursing home, but once a year they host a sculpture exhibition in their beautiful gardens.

I’m not going to bore you with the photos of All The Sculptures. This is me with “Negentropy 2”, which is as dramatic as it looks.

A work of art - the sculpture not the skirt

A work of art – the sculpture not the skirt

I was wearing the Counterintuitive Black Birds Skirt, along with a grey striped t-shirt top, and ballet flats. I think it all worked out well.

Hang it, no, I’m going to bore you with just one photo, of this lovely little feller:

This is Know It Owl by Abby Martin. Isn't he adorable?

This is Know It Owl by Abby Martin. Isn’t he adorable?

Day 6 – Back to the office

I know you’re all dying to know- did the man come to cut down the ivy? Oh yes he did, I walked in to find the windows all clear of greenery and light streaming through the newly liberated windows.

Before & After

Before & After

In some ways, I’m a little bit sad to lose the Rapunzel’s Tower feel of our little office. But I now have an unimpeded view of the town and surrounding countryside, and it’s so much lighter.

I’m a bit disappointed with today’s outfit, I have to confess. It’s a stripey circle skirt, another easy-peasy circle with an elastic waistband made pre-blog, out of a substantial stripey jersey, with a bit of spandex which gives it a bit of weight and bounce. It’s a nice skirt to wear. Except that it has got quite a wonky hem. I’ve picked a photo that hides the wonkiness! But the skirt is so swishy that it’s not too noticeable.

Nice skirt, shame about the top

Nice skirt, shame about the top

But the top is another story. It’s an old F&F t-shirt type top, and today made me realise it’s time to retire it- it’s a bit shapeless and really not very flattering. However, because it’s a pretty colour, and because it’s a good fabric weight, it’s going into the scraps bag, or maybe the refashioning pile.


2 thoughts on “The ivy update

  1. Aw, I love the ‘know it owl’, super cute!
    Really well done for MMM, it must be great to think that you can wear something you’ve made each day for a month.

    • Well I’ve done ok so far, but there’s going to be a lot of repeat wears (I’ll try to make sure that they aren’t identically styled). I’ve pledged specifically 5 days a week of Me Mades, as my basic personal challenge. But I’m trying to make each week 7/7, if I possibly can.

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