More MMMs

I’m typing this in my jimjams at 11am (don’t judge me- I’m catching up with the Archers) and wondering what to wear today.

Catching up on the last few days…

Day 7 – A top I made


A cobbled together long t-shirt

A cobbled together long t-shirt

After a week of wearing skirts as my me-mades, on Wednesday I was wearing a long t-shirt I had made pre-blog. I cobbled it together by copying one of my Primark t-shirts and making it longer. I really should dig out the newspaper pattern pieces I made for it, because it’s not bad for a basic t-shirt top! Anyway, it was originally intended to be a dress, but I didn’t have enough fabric to make it as long as I would really have wanted, and I don’t feel I can get away with dresses *that* short. So it gets used more as a long tee, over jeans or leggings usually, but today it was with my plain black tube skirt from M&S. To be honest, it doesn’t get worn terribly often, so it’s good to have a reason to drag it out of the wardrobe and remember it’s available.


Day 8 – Another refashion

Cheers! The blingalicious NotCardigan

Cheers! The Blingalicious NotCardigan

This is my Blingalicious NotCardigan, which is a refashion- a plain cardigan that I beaded up. I don’t think there’s very much to say about it, other than to mention that this does get reasonable usage, but will soon be put away for the summer. It’s a fun refashion and I’ll have to do something like it again.


Day 9 – Dreadful photo, outfit not much better

Friday Theme - Blue - I only barely managed it!

Friday Theme – Blue – I only barely managed it!

The Friday theme had me stumped for a long time. I didn’t think I had anything me-made that was blue, apart from my blue roses dress, but it’s too dressy for my Friday job. And then I remembered! These denim-blue leggings I made for dance practice a couple of years ago, pre-blog. I made them by taking my favourite pair of leggings which had finally died a death, (after years of honourable service), opening them up and using them as the pattern. I added a bit of length and a tiny bit of flare, because I prefer a looser ankle in full-length leggings. I didn’t like it with just the t-shirt top, so I added a mini skirt (which I really need to throw out, because it’s so not in my style). I only wore this because of the Blue theme, and I won’t be repeating this outfit!


Day 10 – The Jif Lemon Dress gets an outing

Yesterday I actually got my act together and did some fixing-up of stuff. I sorted out the front seam of the Jif Lemon Dress, which has always been a bit too full and blousey at the bust. My bust really doesn’t need any help in that department, so now it’s a bit sleeker and smoother at the front. And seeing as I had the black thread in the sewing machine, I also mended the seams of some black leggings that had become indecent. And then I redid the waistband on my Squares & Triangles Circle Skirt, which had been bugging me for aaaages- that was a job and a half. And once I was in sewing mode, I finally started on my partner’s Nametag, ready for the NYLon Blogger Meetup next weekend. I’ve got to finish it today, to get it in the post tomorrow.

 Jif Lemon Dress with the front seam sorted out

Jif Lemon Dress with the front seam sorted out

I wanted to wear the Jif Lemon Dress, because it was Eurovision night and I’d be going to watch it at my sister’s, because she does it properly, with scoresheets put together by her 1o year old daughter for us, and a sweepstake, and Euro-snacks (it’s France, time for some saucisson… Spain, Chorizo and Manchego cheese on cocktail sticks… Germany was Haribo sweets, I didn’t even know Haribo is German…)

Looking at the photo, I realise I do love that silhouette, and I should get my finger out and finish that teal version.


A bit of reflection so far… My pledge was to wear something me-made 5 days a week, but my personal challenge is to manage 7 days a week.  I’m ridiculously happy that I’ve got through one third of May wearing something me-made every day. I’m spectacularly pleased with myself for actually photographing each outfit. A couple of the outfits have been a bit meh, and that’s mostly because I hadn’t really thought them through. I’ve come to realise that the outfits that I like best are the ones I thought about the night before, whereas outfits that I throw together in the morning rush to get ready for work are often less successful! I must be a lot more thoughtful about my dressing for the rest of the month.

I’ve done a bit of wardrobe assessing, to see what other me-mades I’ve got available to me, and there are maybe three more in reserve for next week, but you’ll be seeing some repeats soon.


6 thoughts on “More MMMs

  1. I think you’re doing brilliantly! I’m almost out of things to wear, so will be recycling some items this week.
    Could have sworn Haribos were Scandinavian of some sort, but your Euro night sounds fun:)

    • Thanks, Fiona! There’s nothing wrong with recycling, and I’ll try to make sure I don’t wear the same styling on my repeats, so they’re different outfits, even if it’s the same garment.

      And now, I’m off to faff about with another couple of ruined t-shirts to see if I can’t make one of them wearable again.

      P.S. It was hilarious watching my sister explain to her 10 year old daughter about how some boys don’t want to be boys, they want to be girls, and vice versa!

    • I’m feeling a bit more challenged, now that I’m getting towards the last of the available me-made options, and thinking of how I’m going to style the repeat wears. But I know I can do it, and I really do appreciate the encouragement!

    • I’m starting to feel I was a bit ambitious, Annie! I’m looking rather wistfully at all the RTW clothes in my wardrobe that don’t go with my Me Made clothes. Hmmm, maybe I need to be a bit more imaginative in putting things together.

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