I need to work out how short this skirt is going to be

I’ve done most of the splodgy fabric skirt.

So near and yet so far...

So near and yet so far…

I’ve completed everything bar the hemming. And it could do with a good ironing! I’m going to see if I can get some invisible thread for the hemming in the week, because if I go with either grey or red it’s going to show on the bits that it’s not the right colour for.

Tonight I’m going to try and finish the cardigan. All it needs now is finishing off the buttonhole band, and sewing on the buttons. I’m performing in a dance showcase tonight, but I should be able to complete that tonight, when I get back. Although, it’s not terribly seasonal now that we’re enjoying a pleasant English Spring!

I’ve also got some Selfless Sewing to do. Littlest niece (5 years old) wants an Elsa-from-Frozen cloak- apparently they can’t be had for love or money from Disney shops, so an Auntie-made version will have to do. I’ve got some power-mesh and sequins, so I’m good to go with that. I’m not sure how to work with the mesh, but I suspect that it’s going to be a largely hand sewn project!


8 thoughts on “I need to work out how short this skirt is going to be

  1. I have been known to change thread colors when hemming something multicolored. If it were lined (is it?) you could have bagged the lining and then would not need to worry about thread color for the hem. The print and colors are exquisite and lined up perfectly. I have a friend who is making Elsa dresses for little girls and for their American Girl dolls.

    • No it’s not lined, I was going for quick & easy! It hadn’t occurred to me to swap thread for the hemming, but that might work if I can’t lay my hands on some invisible thread.

  2. Ooooh! That skirt is gorgeous! And you were so quick. Yup, I colour in threads that show too, with a Sharpie pen 🙂

    • I needed a quick & easy project to fire me up, and I think it’s done the trick! I’d been going through a rather meh period of no making, but now I feel more like getting on with it.

  3. That skirt rocks, the fabric is so interesting. I know how we all hate hand stitching but it would solve the problem of what color to use. I have tried using invisible thread but my machine hates it, or I just don’t know what settings to use to make it work.

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