A long Me Made Weekend

Day 27 already and I can’t believe I’ve got all this way through Me Made May and have managed to wear something I’ve made or refashioned every single day. I’d been slightly dubious about it, hence I’d hedged my bets with a 5-days-a-week pledge, but I’ve surprised myself. A full Reflections and Lessons Learned post will be forthcoming once May is properly finished.

Onto the photos… As previously noted, we’re well onto repeats now, unless I surprise myself and manage to make something new in the next two evenings.

Day 23 – Friday

A bit grungy!

A bit grungy!

Friday I was at my volunteer job, and it’s generally very casual. I was wearing my pre-blog long tunic-y t-shirt dress. Styled with yoga pants and a hoodie. I thought it was all a bit grungy and down at heel, but my volunteer boss said I was glamorous because I was wearing animal print!

I was *this* close to saying “hang the photographing, I’m tired” on Friday evening.

Day 24 – Saturday

A new make! The Slouchy Teal Cardigan

A new make! The Slouchy Teal Cardigan

Aha! A new item! The previously mentioned Me Made Cardigan. I should have known better than to say it was too warm for using in May. That was just tempting Providence, wasn’t it? It turned cold over the weekend, so although I didn’t think I’d be wearing it much for a few months yet, I pulled it out of the cupboard. It’s a bit formless and unflattering, but it’s toasty and it’s the first jumper I’ve knitted for myself in a good 20 years, so I’m cutting myself some slack, and calling it “slouchy” rather than shapeless.

The leggings are also me-made, repeated from Day 9.

Day 25 – Features one of my lovely nieces

Saying goodbye to my eldest niece. Inadvertant colour co-ordination

Saying goodbye to my eldest niece. Inadvertent colour co-ordination.

My eldest niece*, Sophie, is off to the far end of the planet in the next couple of weeks, she’s flying to New Zealand for a year or two. Or maybe more. I can’t help fearing that some hunky rugby player will steal her heart and keep her there. Her leaving party was on Sunday. Although I didn’t realise it when deciding what to wear, I wore the perfect dress (repeated from Day 14), as the colour scheme for the party was lime green and blue (hence the pompoms).

Most of the guests were the nieces’ friends, it made me feel very old as they were all in their teens and early twenties! But they’re all such nice kids. Eldest niece already knew about MMM as she’d taken the Eurovision evening photo, and, bless her, she was telling her friends all about it.

Day 26 

Selfie Fail

Selfie Fail

Monday (being traditional British Bank Holiday Weather) ended up being a stay in and hunker down day. I wore jimjams for much of it! But I acknowledged that my pyjamas are not me-made. Lesson learned. Next MMM, I’m going to need a cosy onesie or something like, so that if I need to take a duvet day, I can do so within the terms of the challenge.

So I got dressed for the afternoon. Another repeat for the easy-peasy floral hi-lo circle skirt. This is turning into my go-to comfy weekend wear.

I totally failed to photograph myself in it.

Day 27 – Back to work

Total outfit repeat!

Total outfit repeat!

This is a complete repeat from Day 12. In the same outfit too, only the shoes are different. I feel like I’m letting the side down! I love this skirt but today has been a trifle windy, and the walk to my office is a passageway up a hill which acts like a wind tunnel, and I’ve had a fair few Marilyn Monroe moments- eeek!

I just spotted I have “orbs” in this photo. Indeed I have orbs on my orbs. How ghostly! Some say these offices are haunted- it’s an old school, and there’s rumours of a ghost of an especially fierce headmaster, but this particular office is apparently the old lavatory block, and I’ve never heard of a haunted lav!


Only four more days to go! Thursday, Friday and Saturday are going to need some planning, because I’m off to France for the weekend.


* I am very blessed in the Niece department. I’ve got eight of them, and two nephews. Eldest niece is 22, and Youngest Niece is 5.


16 thoughts on “A long Me Made Weekend

    • It may be half term, but I’m still at work. I have to say though, wearing my circle skirt today made me realise how much I love that style, and they are *really* easy to put together (after you’ve worked out pi and all the maths). I might just give it a go!

      • I think if you go on the By Hand London website they have a circle skirt worker outer for you!! You put measurements in and ta da! If it is not that one I have def seen it somewhere and may be worth a google! I made one once, but I couldn’t get the hem right . I kept cutting and cutting as it was wonky! Tips please!!

      • I’ve got it pinned on pinterest, and it’s just made it an even quicker job for me. You are the worst enabler! Or the best, depending on how you look at it!

        I can’t help on the hemming. I just cut the circle, let the fabric hang (Ah – *that’s* where it’s going to take the time), and eyeball it. In a perfect world you’d have a sewing buddy to do a circle skirt hem with. I used to make a lot of long circle skirts for dancing, and my friend and I would have hemming evenings, where we grubbed around on the floor with pins all over the place, getting each other’s hems perfect!

        I always figure I can rehem if it gets too wonky. It may take some time for me to get round to the rehemming, but things get fixed eventually.

      • Ah well if yours are wonky too…I may give it another try! Thanks! My sewing has been credited with…..wonky, wobbly or flappy…..circle skirt is beckoning! It could incorporate them all! Lol!

  1. Some beautiful outfits there Béa. Unfortunately I fizzled out mid month, once I had to start wearing repeats I lost all enthusiasm for the obligatory daily ‘selfie’, and embarked on a mad Style Arc sew-fest instead!
    I love the pic of you and your neice with the pompoms, those are two of my fave colours 🙂

    • Thanks Fiona! Definitely the repeats seem less exciting to document. But the later part of the month has at least seen a couple of brand new items, so that’s all good.

      I’m impressed with your output these last couple of days- you’ve been a sewing demon!

      • I handed in my notice this week and I am so excited about having more time (ie: the rest of my life) to sew. I think it inspired me to get going!

    • You’re absolutely right. Someone (and I’m kicking myself because I can’t remember who it was- I’ve read so many MMM blog posts!) posted on their blog about how they didn’t feel bad about repeating items, because that’s how they *normally* wear clothes, and for her it was perfectly ok to integrate her me-mades into her normal clothes-wearing pattern.

      My own goal with my dressmaking is not about making things I love (although I do love them) but making things that I *will* wear. I know that “things I love” would not be a good aim for me -I’ve got a pair of Irregular Choice shoes that I LOVE with a deep and abiding passion, which I won’t wear because they are too lovely and wearing them would spoil them. They have a *mermaid* AND a *seahorse* on the soles- how could I possibly wear them out on the nasty brutish pavement!!!!

      (I just had to take them out again now, to have another look at them. Yes they are *still* gorgeous and beautiful and too precious to spoil.)

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