The Crazy Swirly Skirt

Tada! Here’s the Didn’t Quite Make It To Me Made May make! My new Crazy Swirly Skirt. It’s a straightforward circle skirt, made in two pieces because the fabric wasn’t wide enough for me to do it as a full seamless circle.

I wanted you to see how it matches the shoes perfectly

I wanted you to see how it matches the shoes perfectly



Eek, it was a bit blowy!

Eek, it was a bit blowy!

I had to tinker around with the light and colour levels on that second pic, and the black top has not fared well out of that process, but the skirt *has*, and that’s the important part of the photo, right?

I was going to bang on here about how this is one of my more ropey makes, but actually, there’s only one element of it that’s a bit disappointing, the rest of it is fine and dandy.

Firstly, I got the maths right and the waist circle is the right size, there was no need to do any gathering to make it work. Secondly, it’s got a great zip insertion (a hand-picked lapped zip, my favourite). Thirdly, the hem is looking pretty damn good. I used this tutorial from Coletterie, for machine hemming a curved hem. The only thing letting the side down is the waistband, which is not one of my finest hours. I am trying to use what I’ve got in the stash, so I used a length of petersham that I had, I thought that would be perfect. And it should have been, but I was lazy/impatient/stupid about how I put it in, and although it’s fully functional, and it’s neat inside & out, I wouldn’t want anyone who understands anything about sewing to look too closely at it!  It’s not terrible, and it’s certainly not bad enough for me to want to rip it out and do it again. It’s just not “perfect”.

Having said that, I still love this skirt. I fell for the print big-time last summer, when I was shopping for the Fall For Cotton challenge (I hear it will be back again in the Autumn, so I’m mentally readying myself for that) and when I was thinking of what to make next, it leapt into my consciousness. I think it will be a useful addition to my collection of me-made skirts, and will go with my gazillion black t-shirt tops. It’s also a brilliant colour match for the Slouchy Teal Cardigan, and the When Two Become One refashioned t-shirt. So plenty of styling options. I’ve still got a metre and a half of the fabric left over, and I’m even thinking I could use it for a matching top, then I could wear them together like a dress.

What else do I love? That it’s so twirly-whirly! Yay for little flirty circle skirts!


19 thoughts on “The Crazy Swirly Skirt

    • Thanks Anna! The shoes were a lucky Ebay find. They are a real statement though, so I try not to wear them too often (though really, I’d happily wear them every day!)

  1. Love the skirt, the colours are so vibrant and really suit you! The crazy whirly skirt is a good description, one thing I love about sewing is the names we give our makes, it’s almost as though we are instilling a personality to our creations! 😊

  2. Yeah! Love it! Gorgeous colour….I love turquoise ….and the shoes!!!! Perfect! You need a top to match as skirts and matching tops are really in fashion at the moment! 👍

  3. What a lovely twirly skirt – you may need the same lead weights that Duchess Catherine needs for her skirts LOL. Love the pattern and the matching shoes -great job.

  4. Beautiful! I love the shape of circle skirts & your print goes perfectly with this one! Really very pretty indeed!

    • When I originally bought the fabric I was thinking of a summer dress, maybe a Cambie, but it went into stash. In the last month or so, the idea that it would work for a circle skirt insinuated itself into my head, and when I was thinking of one final May make, it was the obvious candidate.
      Now I just need to find a nice woven tee-shirt pattern to make a top from, and I’ll have a lovely (and slightly over the top!) summer outfit.

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