Another cardigan under way

I’ve started knitting another cardigan today. It’s one of Andi Satterlund’s patterns, Hetty.

Pink knitting

Pink knitting

This is my first attempt at knitting with circular needles. They feel a bit weird! I’m getting more used to it, but it still feels rather strange having little tiny needles in hand rather than long ones.

The lace pattern’s nice and easy to follow. Although, having said that, I’ve still managed to cock it up a couple of times. Fortunately I noticed in enough time not to have too much to undo. Things will get trickier when I have to start adding the fronts to the back. This is another first- I’ve never done one of these Top-down all-in-one patterns. It’s all an adventure!

The photo isn’t showing the colour faithfully, and I’m too lazy to futz around with editing it. It’s a darker pink- think of blackcurrant sorbet and you’d be in closer territory.

3 thoughts on “Another cardigan under way

  1. This looks lovely, I like the ‘Hetty’ design and was thinking of making one myself (and a million other things!). Knitting top down looks fun, I’m looking forward to seeing the finished cardi!
    Making a mistake with lace knitting is a real pain, have you tried using a ‘life line’? I’ve only came across this method recently, but you may find it useful should you make another mistake. There was a tutorial on Deramores website this week I’ve tried to link it for you -hope it’s worked (

    • What an excellent idea! This pattern’s not terribly complicated, so I’ve been a bit blasé about it, but the lifeline idea, every 10 rows or so would make for a lot more certainty. I’ll definitely have to try that.

      Don’t go holding your breath- I’m a slow knitter!

  2. I ‘m just a beginner knitter, so am in awe of anyone who can produce an actual wearable garment from 2 sticks and a ball of string! It looks great to me, and black currant sorbet sounds a lovely colour. Reds are difficult to photograph for some reason. Had the same issue this week when photographing a spectacular beet root red double peony I saw in someone’s garden. On my photo it looks pink. Still beautiful though, as your candy will be.

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